The Ultimate Guide to Perfectly Baked Potatoes: Long vs Quick Cooking

Discover the secrets of baking potatoes for hours or microwaving them for minutes – the ultimate debate!

Are you team ‘bake for hours until crackly skin’ or team ‘microwave for quick results’? Let’s delve into the great potato baking debate!


  • Baking potatoes for hours yields creamy insides and crackly skin
  • Some prefer par-cooking in the microwave for quicker results
  • Differing opinions on the optimal cooking time and method

Team ‘Slow Bake’

Some users swear by baking potatoes for over two hours to achieve a unique creaminess inside and a crispy exterior. The process involves patience and results in a flavorful potato experience. ‘Cooking them for two hours or more does transform the texture and flavor,’ says one user

Team ‘Quick Fix’

Others opt for quicker methods, such as par-cooking the potatoes in the microwave before finishing them in the oven. This technique reduces the overall cooking time while still providing satisfactory results. ‘You can massively speed up the process and get the same result by par-cooking in the microwave,’ advises a user

The Great Debate

The debate continues with users sharing their preferred cooking methods, from olive oil and sea salt coatings to America’s Test Kitchen’s foolproof recipe. While some advocate for longer baking times, others argue that an hour at 400°F is sufficient for perfectly baked potatoes. The variety of approaches highlights the versatility of this humble vegetable and the endless possibilities for potato perfection