The Scary Pennywise Cake: Serving Up Horror for Dessert

A red velvet cake inspired by Pennywise, sparking love and horror alike!

A Pennywise Cake was made for a granddaughter, and reactions are a mixed bag.


  • Reactions range from creepy to cool
  • Cake’s red velvet interior adds a gruesome touch
  • Some users find it unnerving, others think it’s wonderfully done

Scary Creations

HighAltitude88008 describes the cake as having a red velvet interior resembling a bloody mess when cut, loved by the recipient.

Creepy or Cool?

Some users like AbominableIceman appreciate the scary aesthetic, while others like HomeChef1951 find it ‘Sick.’

Diverging Opinions

Comments from CompetitiveHater found the cake ‘Extremely unnerving,’ while j_eanbean praised it as amazing and the creator as cool.

Opinions are split on the scary cake creation inspired by Pennywise, with some lauding it for its creativity and others feeling perturbed by its horror-themed design. Whether you’d love to sink your teeth into this eerie treat or run for the hills, one thing’s for sure – this cake certainly makes a statement at any dessert table.