The Mystery of the Salted Brownie Cookies Recipe

Join the quest to uncover the true creator of the mouthwatering salted brownie cookies.

Seeking the true creator of the salted brownie cookies recipe, a Redditor needs the community’s help in recognizing the original source.


  • Delicious salted brownie cookies recipe sparks a quest for its original creator.
  • After a search struggle, Redditor finds out Alison Roman was the genius behind the cookies.
  • Community members share thoughts, recipe modifications, and appreciation for the tasty treat.

The Quest for the Creator

The original poster is on a mission to credit the rightful owner of the amazing salted brownie cookies recipe they found on their phone but can’t recall the source.

Alison Roman’s Revelation

Thanks to a fellow redditor, the mystery is solved as the salted brownie cookies recipe is revealed to be Alison Roman’s creation with a slight personal twist.

Community Engagement

Redditors express delight, gratitude, and awe over the scrumptious cookies and share their experiences, connections, and suggestions related to the recipe.