The Great Taco Debate: Hard Shell vs. Soft Tortilla

Discover the internet’s heated discussion on hard shell tacos over soft tortillas. Is there a right or wrong way to eat a taco?

Have you ever wondered about the best way to eat a taco? The debate between hard shell tacos and soft tortillas has sparked a heated discussion on Reddit. Users are divided on whether eating a hard taco over a soft tortilla shell results in a second taco or if it’s just a messy disaster waiting to happen.


  • Users debate whether stacking a hard taco over a soft tortilla shell creates a second taco or a taco catastrophe.
  • Some suggest innovative ways to enjoy both textures, like wrapping the tortilla around the hard shell with refried beans as glue.
  • Others believe the soft tortilla is essential to prevent the crunchy part of the taco from leaking.

The Hard Taco Camp

Some users in favor of the hard taco approach argue that stacking a hard shell over a soft tortilla creates a second taco eating experience. They find joy in the contrast of textures and flavors that each component brings to the table.

Defenders of Soft Tortillas

On the other hand, proponents of the soft tortilla camp emphasize the structural importance of the soft layer. They believe it serves as a sturdy base to hold the filling together, preventing the crunchy shell from falling apart.

Creative Solutions

Amidst the debate, some users offer creative solutions to merge the best of both worlds. Suggestions like wrapping the tortilla around the hard shell with refried beans as adhesive showcase ingenuity in taco construction.

The Great Taco Debate on Reddit reveals a vibrant community passionate about their preferred taco-eating method. Whether you’re team hard shell or soft tortilla, one thing is for sure – tacos are meant to be enjoyed in all their messy, flavorful glory.