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How to Steam Vegetables in a Rice Cooker without a Basket

Veggies are healthy and it is recommended to include in the diet to foster healthy living. Many people use veggies with other foods such as rice, meat, bread and pasta among many others for dinner.

Rice is the staple food among many homes across the world and it is the reason behind the invention of the rice cooker.

The device is quite versatile and it can cook a variety of foods. The most interesting thing is that an electric rice cooker can be used to steam vegetables with a basket or without a basket.

If you have a rice cooker that does not have a basket then there is no need to get worried since you can still steam your veggies with ease.

Consider reading through the manual and see if your rice cooker can be doubled up as a steamer. Also, check the electric rice cooker if it has a preset steaming option.

A separate tray can be used for steaming the veggies in the absence of a basket. You will be expected to place the vegetables on the tray for dumpling steaming above the rice. The method helps to prevent nutrients and flavor of rice from escaping while cooking.

How Long Does A Rice Cooker Take to Steam Vegetables?

There are a lot of things that determine the exact time the electric rice cooker is going to steam vegetables. The key factors are the brand of the cooking appliance and the toughness of the veggies.

According to the experiments done by rogue chefs is that steaming veggies in a rice cooker takes about 5 to 15 minutes.

Rice cooking, on the other hand, takes around 35 minutes. Rice cooker is a versatile cooking appliance hence you can cook rice and steam veggies at the same time.

But you will be expected to put these veggies half-way cooking time of rice. Besides that, you need to keep the steaming cycle faster so that you can steam a large number of vegetables in the basket within a short time.

Generally, an electric rice cooker has a reputation for reducing cooking time. Therefore, be assured to cook the veggies and rice within the shortest time possible and then enjoy your meal.

How Much Water to Steam Vegetables in Rice Cooker?

Rice cooker comes in different models and sizes. The amount of water to use when steaming veggies depend on the size of the rice cooker and the number of veggies.

A standard rice cooker size takes about 2 to 3 cups of water. You are required to place the veggies in the basket and deep into the pot.

Cover the rice cooker with a lid and switch on the power button. Steaming the veggies is going to take around 5 to 15 minutes depending on their toughness. Besides that, if the rice cooker does not have a basket then do not get worried.

You can still steam the veggies over the rice. But need to way until the rice is cooked a halfway. The veggies will get steamed with water moisture used for cooking rice. So need to add extra a half cup of water into the rice to generate steam for steaming the veggies.

Final Thoughts on Steaming Vegetables in a Rice Cooker

Many rice cooker models have the steaming setting option and they come with a basket for steaming other foods while cooking rice.

However, in case it does not come with a basket then you need not worry since you can still steam your vegetables. Many people tend to place the veggies on the cooking rice then cover it with a lid.

The lid trap moisture which generates steam for steaming the veggies. The good news is that you can still improvise a metal strainer and keep it in the rice cooker with veggies to act as a basket. The method will help to steam the veggies effectively and efficiently.

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