Scallop Debate: Too Cooked or Just Right?

Are these scallops perfect or overcooked? The Reddit debate heats up!

Love them or hate them, these scallops are sparking quite the back-and-forth discussion on Reddit. Opinions range from ‘burnt’ to ‘perfectly cooked,’ but one thing’s for sure—they’re definitely causing a stir in the food world!


  • Opinions on the scallops range from overcooked to perfectly cooked.
  • Some users appreciate the char on the scallops, while others prefer a lighter sear.
  • Taste seems to be the ultimate deciding factor for most commenters.

Lickarock88: The Whole Plate Verdict

Lickarock88 is reserving judgment until they’ve tried the whole plate, keeping an open mind about the scallops’ taste.

Sun4moon: Culinary Standards

Sun4moon believes the scallops look overcooked by culinary standards but would still eat them.

MermaidxGlitz: On Color and Chewiness

MermaidxGlitz questions the chewiness of the scallops based on their appearance and prefers a little color on them.

InsanityPractice: Weenies and Paleness

InsanityPractice calls out those who prefer pale white foods, labeling them as ‘weenies’ with a good dose of humor.