Save Water and Time: Boiling Eggs Hack!

Want to save time and water when boiling eggs? Check out this surprising kitchen hack!

Looking for a way to save time and water when boiling eggs? A Reddit user posed an interesting question about using a rock to reduce the volume of water needed for boiling eggs. Let’s dive into the discussion.


  • Boiling rocks can be dangerous and lead to explosions.
  • Steaming eggs is a great alternative with less water.
  • Using a smaller pot can also help reduce water usage.

Boiling Rocks Is a No-Go

Multiple users warn against boiling rocks due to potential explosions caused by air pockets within the rocks. One user advises against using rocks from sources like rivers or creeks, emphasizing safety concerns.

Steaming Eggs Saves Water

A user highlights the benefits of steaming eggs as a time-saving and water-efficient method. The recommendation is supported by a renowned chef’s approval, adding credibility to the suggestion.

Alternative Cooking Methods

Other suggestions include using egg cookers, kettles, air fryers, or ovens to cook eggs without the need for excess water. Additionally, cooking multiple eggs simultaneously can further optimize water usage.

Consider opting for safer and more efficient cooking methods to save time and resources when boiling eggs. Exploring alternative techniques can enhance your cooking experience while being environmentally conscious.