Rustlers Microwave Burger Hack: Egg and Bacon for Breakfast?

Is adding egg and bacon to a Rustlers microwave burger a breakfast game-changer? Reddit users have some thoughts!

Sometimes, breakfast needs a little extra oomph, even if it comes from an unlikely place like a Rustlers microwave burger. Users on Reddit seem divided on this unconventional breakfast hack.


  • Adding egg and bacon to a fast-food microwave burger raises eyebrows.
  • Opinions are split on the tastiness and creativity of this breakfast hack.
  • Some users question the authenticity and healthiness of the breakfast twist.

Positive Vibes

One user expressed curiosity about the creativity and microwave’s range, sparking conversations of unexpected culinary experiments.

Negative Reactions

However, others critique the healthiness and authenticity of the breakfast twist, claiming it falls short of real breakfast standards.

Breakfast Controversy

The debate around this Rustlers microwave burger hack took a comedic turn, with comments ranging from mockery to genuine disbelief. Some questioned the odd combo while others defended the unconventional breakfast choice.