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5 Best Quiet Blenders – The Ultimate Guide




The emergency of many diseases has made many people consider healthy eating and food preparations. A blender is one of the kitchen appliances frequently used to prepare a range of foods such as smoothies, juices, soup, and sauces which are nutritious.

However, many of these appliances tend to be too noisy. The noise is normally disgusting and irritating especially when preparing the food late at night or early in the morning.

It is likely to result in a lot of complaints from housemates and neighbors. This might even bother your pets. The advancement in technology has posed a great impact on blender industries.

It has led to the development of quiet blenders and this is the best way on how to resolve conflicts due to noise at home.

The use of these types of blenders won’t leave you with headaches in the long run. Therefore, there are plenty of excellent models of blenders in the market with reduced noise and making the right choice can be a daunting experience to some shoppers.

I have compiled a list of the quietest blenders in the guide and this will help you make an informed decision.

How to Pick a Quiet Blender

Choosing a perfect fit noiseless blender is not that easy. There are crucial features to consider first before making any purchase.

On the other hand, quiet blenders tend to be expensive when compared to traditional models. You need to make an informed decision to see the value of your money.

Here are some of the key features to consider before hitting add to cart button when shopping for the quietest blenders. They include:

Motor Power

It is quite important to know the maximum wattage of your blender. This will help prevent the damage of the blender through overheating due to excessive heat.

Research shows that blenders with a higher rate of motor power tend to have greater efficiency and cavitation. Hence check the motor power and horsepower before making any purchase.

Reduced Noise

Blenders use motors and anything run of motors tends to produce a lot of noise. Getting a complete quiet blender can be a nightmare.

Therefore, I recommend getting blenders with motors that can be added with sound isolate materials to reduce noise production. Most of the blenders in the guide have reduced noise levels to a minimum.

Speed of the Blender

The number of speed help to determine the texture and consistency of the mixture. The variable speed control allows you to optimize results based on the ingredients and desired texture.

Dishwater Safe

Parts Healthy eating and food preparation start with hygiene. Therefore, consider a blender with removable parts that are dishwater safe. This will help to get rid of microorganism that causes diseases from breeding in the blender parts.

Warranty Terms

This is another crucial feature to consider though many people tend to ignore it. The feature ensures there is protection against breakdown and malfunction of the appliance before the expiry of the warranty.

Domestic used blenders have a longer warranty as compared to commercial based blenders since they are used less frequently.

5 Best Quiet Blenders in the Market

1. Blendtec Professional Blender

Blendtec Professional 800 - Blender with...
  • For Residential Use Only The World’s Quietest Blender: Features the most...
  • Heavy-Duty Blender: This kitchen blender features a 1800-watt motor, matte...
  • Easy to Clean: Simply add hot water and a little dish soap to the jar and...

Blendtec Company is one of the leading healthy lifestyle brands in the market. The company pursues to create high-end blenders that give the best fruit juice, smoothies and protein shake for leading a healthy lifestyle.

The sealed sound enclosure has made Blendtec blenders to stay ahead of other brands. This implies that the blender is designed to create mixtures while not producing a lot of noise.

The most wonderful thing is that the blender can be used both domestically and commercially. It has a powerful motor and horsepower which can blend plenty of ingredients frequently without overheating.

Besides that, it has about eleven-speed controls which make it easier to adjust the final result texture. This is one of the features that make the blender quite popular in the market right now.

Also, the operation of the appliance is quite simple and easy. You only need one finger touch sliding up and down to attain the required texture of the smoothies or juice.

The LCD countdown timer enhances the consistency of the result at any time. That’s not all. The blender has a self-cleaning mechanism that helps to promote healthy eating. Lastly, it is made from high-quality material for durability purposes and long-lasting food preparation experience.


  • Has strong and powerful blades
  • Tend to be super quiet
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to use
  • Come with a 10-year warranty


  • It is a bit pricey
  • Can Use more electrical power than an ordinary blender

2. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Wave Action...
  • POWERFUL BLENDING PERFORMANCE: With 700 watts of peak blending power and...
  • SERVE WITH EASE: The spout on this electric blender lets you pour contents...

If you are looking to crush and blast hard ingredients then you need to consider Hamilton Beach Elite Blender. It has hard and powerful stainless steel blades that work through tough ingredients easily.

Another interesting thing is the powerful motor and horsepower which help to grind ingredients within the shortest time.

The feature has made the blender to be quite popular across the world. Besides that, it has a removable quiet shield which helps to dampen noise during the blending process.

That’s not all. The speed control settings help to attain the desired texture of the food being blended. The blender has four programmable settings that allow the appliance to grind a variety of food ingredients with ease. Also, the kitchen appliance is quite easy to clean and operate.

The blender jar, lid, and tamper are dishwasher safe. This helps to observe a high level of hygiene when it comes to the preparation of healthy foods.

This helps to prevent the eruption of health issues after eating. The most beautiful thing is that the blender can be used to create a thick and dense ingredient. This happens so since the tamper can fit in the lid perfectly to enhance efficiency.


  • Has hard stainless steel blades
  • Tend to dampen noise
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Great for blending dense ingredients
  • Has a powerful performance
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to get replacement parts

3. Cuisinart Hurricane Blender

On Sale!
Cuisinart Hurricane Blender, 2.25 Peak,...
  • Powerful 2.25 peak HP motor
  • Large 60-ounce BPA-free Tritan plastic jar with soft-grip handle
  • Automatic load-sensing technology

If you have a limited budget and you are looking to buy a quiet blender then consider Cuisinart CBT-1500 Hurricane Blender. The appliance has a professional power 2.25 peak HP motor which handle tough fibers with ease.

The most beautiful thing about the blender is the large 60-ounce BPA-free tritan plastic jar which comes with a soft grip handle for entertaining visitors with delicious fruit juice, smoothies or icy drinks.

That’s not all. The blender sits in a heavy duty plastic base with quiet double housing design to help in reduction of noise during the blending process.

This gives you freedom to prepare smoothies any time without causing disturbance to your housemates. The pre-programmed technology makes the blender quite easy to use and the LCD countdown timer help to know the exact time the blending process is going to take.

Besides that, the blendlogic technology enhance automatic load sensing and adjusting the speed without interrupting the blending process.

The 4-prong powerful stainless steel blades with solid commercial quality construction give the blender the power blast quite a good number of ingredients with ease. If you are looking to start commercial preparation of smoothies, icy drinks and fruit juice then this is a great deal to consider.


  • Has reduced noise level
  • Has a strong and powerful stainless steel blades
  • Has automatic load sensing technology
  • Simple to control and adjust speed without interruption
  • Plastic jar has soft grip handle for easy serving


  • Cannot grind small things due to too high blades
  • Difficult to dissemble and clean

4. Vitamix 36019-1 Quiet Blender

Vitamix 36019 36019-1 Vita-Mix Quiet One...
  • Product 1: The Quiet One On-Counter Bar Blender
  • Product 1: 48 oz. polycarbonate container
  • Product 1: 6 program buttons

If you are looking for a reliable and quiet blender for preparing smoothies, hot soups and frozen desserts then you need to consider vitamix 36019-1 model of blender. However, the price tend to be quite high but worth the value of your money especially if it is meant for commercial purpose.

The blender comes with six buttons that are easy to read control panel. This allow the user to adjust the speed of blending to get the desire texture of the mixture in the long run.

The magnetic-secured back cover is removable to reduce cleaning time. Besides that, the appliance has a self-cleaning technology with parts that are soap and dishwater safe.

This help in preparation of clean and nutritious smoothies or fruit juice. Also, it is fitted with a vented lid and mini-tamper which help to process food without touching the blades and BPA-free Container.

But that’s not all. The Vitamix occupy small amount of space and it can perfectly fit in the kitchen cabinets. Also, it has stainless steel hammer mill and cutting blades that ensure consistency in the result.

But that’s not all. The kitchen appliance occupy small amount of space and it can perfectly fit in the kitchen cabinets. Also, it has stainless steel hammer mill and cutting blades that ensure consistency in the result.

Lastly, the blender is designed to pulverize whole foods for frozen desserts, smoothies and hot soups with consistency.

The compatibility with C-Series blenders and G-Series blenders happen to be the reason behind their popularity in the market.


  • Easy to clean and use
  • Has a sleek design to fit in kitchen cabinets
  • Has strong and powerful stainless steel blades
  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Tend to produce low level noise


  • A bit pricey for home use

5. Kuvings Vacuum Sealed Auto Blender SV500S

Kuvings Vacuum Sealed Auto Blender...
  • NOISE REDUCTION BLENDING: Tired of your loud blender? Our blender includes...
  • AUTO BLEND TECHNOLOGY: Our blender will adjust accordingly whether your...
  • FOAM REDUCTION/LESS SEPARATION: Our vacuum technology draws out nearly all...

Are you tired of a loud blender? Well, you need to consider Kuvings vacuum sealed auto blender which comes with a heavily sealed container and insulated motor to help reduce noise level.

This gives you the freedom to prepare your fruit juice or smoothies any time without being a bother to housemates or neighbors.

The most interesting thing is the auto-blend technology which adjust automatically depending on the type of food being prepared.

Also, it blends the food to the required consistency and each blending session end on its own. Besides that, the vacuum technology help to draw out all the oxygen from the BPA-free container which help to minimize foam and separation from occurring.

This will give you opportunity to enjoy the dessert or drink immediately after blending. That’s not all. The blender is made up of strong and powerful blades that can blast ice or any tough vegetable within some seconds.

The motor is made out of high-quality materials to enhance long-lasting kitchen experience. The blades rotate in a tridimensional for deep blending and consistency in the result.

The true risk free product come with seven years warranty and assure customer about the value of their money. The company has been in the existence for over forty years hence the reputation of high-quality kitchen appliances.

Final Words on the Top 5 Quiet Blenders

The guide provide review for the quietest and most powerful blenders in the market. These kitchen appliances will give you peaceful experience while preparing soup, juice, smoothies and sauces at any time of the day.

Besides that, they have excellent performance and quite easy to use. However, their prices seem to be too high but they are worth the value of your money and also give you a peace of mind at home.

Check your budget and pick the right quiet blender for your family.

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