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Power Air Fryer Fan Not Working: What You Need to Do

Do you own a Power Air Fryer and the fan is not working? Well, apparently this is a common problem that Power air fryer users experience and, in this article, I will troubleshoot this problem and try and get this fixed so you get to enjoy the use of your Power air fryer.

As I was researching about the Power air fryer, I quickly realized that it has quite a few issues associated with it. Even though it has a good reputation, there have been quite a few complaints from users. When it is working, it works great but the longevity of the product is somewhat questionable.

The warranty that the manufacturer offers certainly doesn’t inspire any confidence in the product. When the Power air fryer is functioning properly, it is a great machine but the challenge comes when it malfunctions.


Diagnosing the Problem

As already stated at the beginning of this post, the fan not working is a common problem in the Power air fryer. This problem occurs sometimes within days but usually weeks or months after purchasing the Power air fryer.

There could be a number of problems that can lead to this. Some of them can be remedied by the user but some of them need some technical expertise to be able to tackle.

It’s probably a flaw in the design of the unit, but what happens a lot with the power air fryer is that it won’t run when you start it up.

The led display panel will be lit but you just won’t be getting any joy as far as getting the unit to run is concerned. This is usually due to an issue with the drawer and switch mechanism.

When you slide the drawer into place before cooking, a small switch on the base on which the drawer slides, is triggered indicating to the unit that the drawer is safely in position.

When this happens, it allows you to access the cooking functions. This is most likely a safety feature so that the unit doesn’t run while the drawer is open.

What has happened, however, is that even with the drawer closed shut, it won’t start at all or will start then switch off. When this happens, a quick ix or this problem would be to slide something in the gap under the drawer to prop it up slightly.

A butter knife can do the trick or an old credit card works just as well. If this doesn’t work, it’s probably time to call the manufacturers for a repair or replacement.

You need to be within the warranty period otherwise they won’t help you. They don’t necessarily have the best track record as far as after-sales service is concerned.

Sometimes the air fryer will run and start up the cooking cycle but the fan won’t turn at all. The heating element will actually heat up but the fan won’t be circulation air inside the air fryer.

This could be caused by a loose fan. In order to fix this, you will need a certain level of technical skills because it will need you to open it up, tighten the fan then close it back up again.


Air Fryer Fan Repair Tutorial Video

If this doesn’t solve the problem, it could mean that some of the components responsible for running the fan need to be replaced or a malfunction has led to there not being a supply of electric current to the motor that runs the fan.

In either of these cases, you will need to have a trained technician look at it to try and troubleshoot the problem.


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  1. Thanks a lot for the article. I too faced a similar issue with my Philips Air fryer wherein the heater was working but the fan wasn’t. As hinted by you I found two metal switches on the top of the slot where we would place the drawer. These switches slide in when pressed. Pressed them, switched on the equipment and voila!!
    I am totally depending on the air fryer to satiate the frequent snack cravings, with the lock down, idling and all — your troubleshooting tips really helped 🙂

    • Hi Meera, I found your post as my Philips air fryer fan suddenly stopped working too. Do you mind posting a photo of the two metal switches please? I cannot find them at the top of the slot. I also depend on the air fryer a lot 🙁


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