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Oven Making a Clicking Noise (Common Causes & Solution)

Ovens can be noisy at times even when they are not plugged in. When the oven clicks, it is usually caused by a faulty switch, broken oven timer, or temperature regulation. In either case, the symptoms normally manifest themselves as a clicking noise that sounds like a lightbulb from far away. In this article, we are going to explore the common issues that cause your oven to make a clicking noise.

Why is My Oven Making a Clicking Noise?

1. Your Oven is Regulating the Temperature:

If your oven is making a clicking noise during cooking, then you know that the oven has done its job of regulating the temperature.

If you hear an audible click when it’s time to switch off, then your oven may not be able to reach the exact temperature of your chosen recipe. However, if you hear no clicks or hear clicking sounds throughout, then the problem may lie elsewhere.

2. Faulty Switch:

Your oven’s fan switch may be defective. If this is the case, then the clicking sound will occur when you turn the temperature knob.

The switch will click off or on to accommodate your temperature setting. If the oven clicks off every time you open it, then chances are that your fan is defective.

3. Relays lose power then turns back on:

If your oven is making a clicking noise when the power is turned on, then it means that the electrical relays are trying to turn on but are not getting enough power. This can occur when the electricity breaks, or if there’s a short circuit.

4. Damaged switch:

If your oven is continuously making a clicking noise, then you may have a defective switch. The switch may be clicking on and off when the electrical current is being transferred. If so, then you need to have the switch replaced.

5. Broken Timer:

If your oven timer isn’t working, then it can give off a clicking noise when you turn the temperature knob to regulate heat. In this case, the chip may need to be replaced or cleaned from old grease or dirt that can interfere with its functions.

6. Dirty igniters:

If your oven igniters are dirty, then it can cause an annoying clicking sound when you turn the temperature knob. You might also hear a clicking noise when the oven turns off. The source of this noise could be an old-timer switch, dirty igniter blades, or a faulty circuit board.

How do I Fix the Clicking Noise in My Oven?

The solution to fixing your oven making a clicking sound is easy. You will have to clean the components, replace the switch or timer, or fix a more serious problem.

Clean the Oven’s Switch

Make sure that you don’t accidentally break it when cleaning the oven’s switch. A broken switch will shut off power from reaching the heating element, which means that your oven won’t be able to heat up at all. In some cases, you might hear a clicking noise on and off when your oven is not even turned on. This can be a sign of a faulty switch.

So, if you hear a clicking noise, unplug your oven and flip the switch to the ‘OFF’ position. Look for any dirt or debris caught underneath the switch. If there is none, then it means that your oven doesn’t have any problem with its internal components. It’s time to move on to the next step.

Try to Remove Moisture/ wait until it evaporates:

If you hear a clicking noise right after your oven is turned on, then this could mean that there’s still some moisture inside. If so, try to remove the moisture and wait for it to evaporate. If your oven doesn’t make a clicking sound after 10 minutes of running, then it was most likely caused by the presence of moisture.

Replace Your Oven’s Broken Switch:

If you can’t get rid of the clicking noise using the solutions listed above, then you should consider replacing the switch.

It’s Normal

If your oven is making a clicking noise due to temperature regulation, then this is normal. you don’t need to do anything from your end and nothing will happen.


If the above solutions are not working and you feel like the clicking is noise persists no matter what you do, then its best you take it for repairs or call a professional to help diagnose and fix the issue

Final thoughts

As you can see, the reasons behind the clicking noise are quite simple. All you have to do it figure out what is causing the sound. Once you have isolated the problem, it will be easy to fix.

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