Mystery Cooking Time with an Armenian Woman: Deciphering the Egg Dish

An intriguing encounter with an Armenian woman leads to a culinary mystery involving eggs, herbs, and cooking techniques.

GregJamesDahlen’s encounter with an Armenian woman in Southern California led to a curious culinary mystery. The woman cooked eggs with herbs for half an hour, possibly mistaking couscous. What dish could it be?


  • The mystery egg dish cooked by the Armenian woman intrigued the Reddit community.
  • Users suggested various dishes like kuku sabzi and kookoo sabzi as possible identifications.
  • Speculations arose regarding the mysterious cooking technique and ingredients used in the dish.

Deciphering the Dish

One user, goldladybug26, proposed that the dish might be kuku sabzi, a super herby frittata common in Persian cuisine, possibly existing in Armenian cooking as well.

Curious Comments

Dion-is-us humorously compared the situation to a strange lyric in a song, adding a light-hearted touch to the discussion.

Culinary Conspiracy Theories

Ladyughsalot1 raised concerns about the nature of the exchange, sparking a light-hearted debate on consent.

Final Reveal

PedestrianMyDarling suggested that the dish in question might actually be kookoo sabzi, a Persian dish with eggs and herbs, offering a potential solution to the mystery.

The Reddit community’s engagement with GregJamesDahlen’s encounter showcases the collective curiosity and humor surrounding culinary mysteries. While the actual dish remains a mystery, the diverse speculations and insights shared add flavor to the story, highlighting the joy of culinary exploration and community engagement.