Can You Put a Countertop Microwave in a Cabinet

If you are active in the kitchen, then you know how the working area is essential. The fact that the microwave is occupying some bit of space you wish you can put it elsewhere.  “Can I put it in the cabinet?” “That way, I get my space and still use it when it is in …

If you are active in the kitchen, then you know how the working area is essential. The fact that the microwave is occupying some bit of space you wish you can put it elsewhere.  “Can I put it in the cabinet?”

“That way, I get my space and still use it when it is in the cabinet.” This article will help you make that decision by laying down all the facts of putting the microwave in the cabinet.

That way, you can make an informed decision. You feel the cabinet is the best place for your microwave, you know that way you have free space on your counter and also in the cabinet, the kids can’t get there easily.

is it safe to put a microwave in a cabinet?

First of all, what type of microwave do you want to put in the cabinet? If it’s the counter microwave, then you have to be very careful. You don’t want to risk your life and your family life by causing a fire.

The microwave is designed to stay in an open space. This is to help the vents circulate the air well. A cabinet doesn’t have enough free air, so it’s relatively easy for a microwave to catch fire.

Things you can do to make sure the cabinet is safer for the microwave.

1. Make sure the cabinet you intend to put the microwave is wide enough

That way, the microwave has enough space for ventilation. I am assuming the cabinet you are putting the microwave is not a microwave cabinet.

In that case, it doesn’t have ventilation. When it is wide, it will help with ventilation preventing a fire from occurring. Don’t push the microwave to the end. Leave some space for ventilation.

2. Locate the ventilations

A counter microwave works on an open space. The ventilations are fitted either on the top or sides. Those ventilations help in circulating the hot air and dust. Those vents should have a breathing area. Covering them will cause the microwave to overheat. So, make sure where you place the microwave, the vents are not covered.

3. Cleaning the microwave

The microwave has a self-cleaning system when it is on the counter. But when in a cabinet, it is hard for it to clean itself.

Make sure you take the microwave out of the cabinet regularly. At least once after three months. Clean the vents with a dumb cloth when the microwave is off. This will help remove the dust and help the microwave to last long.

4. Put a trim kit

After placing your microwave in a big cabinet, the gap doesn’t look so good. To improve the look, put a trim kit to help protect from dust and also help with the looks. Get the trim kit from the manufacturer so you can get the best fitting. Adding the trim kit will add on the cost, but for the custom look, it is worth it.

When putting your microwave in a cabinet, there are a few things to consider:

  • Check the instruction book on what type of clearance your microwave needs. Each microwave needs different clearances depending on the position of the vents.
  • Do not put the microwave on a high cabinet where you can’t easily access it. You can burn yourself as when trying to get the food out of the microwave.
  • Make sure the doors open well from inside the cabinet. If they don’t, you may need to call an expert to make them move easily. You don’t want to keep moving the microwave as this will reduce its life span.
  • If the cabinet you choose to place the microwave is at a low level, make sure the cabinet has doors that can close to protect it from kids. Kids are very experimental; you don’t want them trying out things with the microwave and end up hurting themselves.
  • Make sure the socket of the microwave fits right. A hanging code in the kitchen can cause an accident. You can make a hole in the cabinet at the back where the code passes to the socket. Or even better, call an expert to make sure it is fitted right.
  • Make sure the place you choose to put your microwave is easy to access. You don’t want to be moving around with hot food, as this could be dangerous.
  • If the microwave cabinet has doors, make sure when you are using the microwave, the cabinets are always open. Microwaves need to ‘breath.’ If they don’t, they can cause fire due to overheating.

Microwave in a cabinet and its advantages

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  1. You can create more space in the kitchen area. With space, if you love cooking, you can enjoy it more.
  2. A microwave in the cabinet is safer for kids than on the counter. On the cabinet, you can lock it so that the kids can’t access it.

One disadvantage of placing a microwave in a cabinet is, due to the moisture and steam produced when warming the food, the shelves and wooden surface surrounding the microwave might get destroyed. Make sure you keep checking and wiping the steam so the wood can last long.

Conclusion on countertop microwave in cabinet

With the information, I hope it will be easy for you to make the decision. But remember the main point is, when fitting the microwave in a cabinet, make sure you observe the right clearance.

This will save you from fire accidents and also increase the microwave’s life span. If you are still not sure about whether you need it in the cabinet, you can purchase a microwave stand as it will save you all the hustle and the panic of wondering if you did everything right.