Making Homemade Sushi: A Delicious Adventure for Two

Homemade sushi perfection for a delightful dinner for two. Get ready to drool!

In a subreddit for food enthusiasts, a user shares a mouthwatering picture of homemade assorted sushi for two.


  • Comments range from admiration to skepticism of the sushi making skills.
  • Some users praise the presentation and quality of the sushi.
  • Others express doubt about the user’s sushi-making abilities.
  • Overall, the post receives positive feedback for the delicious-looking sushi.

Positive Feedback

Many users express awe at the homemade sushi, with comments like, “Wow! It looks very tasty.”

Negative Criticism

Despite the praise, there are skeptics like one user who states, “Agree with homemade sushi comment and really this looks amazing. But honestly I don’t believe you didn’t have some sort of training.”

Cravings Galore

Users share their excitement with comments like, “Yummy, i 💙 Sushi!” and “My all time fave! so delicious.”

Whether it’s admiration or disbelief, the homemade sushi dinner for two sparks a lively discussion among food enthusiasts on Reddit. The vibrant mix of positive feedback and skeptical comments highlights the diverse opinions and tastes within the online culinary community.