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Can You Put LED Bulb in the Oven? (What Kind Works)

Lighting in the kitchen is quite important. This helps to monitor your cooking process and prevent the occurrence of unnecessary accidents. Burnt out light bulbs in the kitchen can be annoying.

Operating in the darkness can spoil your meal in the long run. But can you use a led bulb in the oven? In short, no. Most led bulbs are made of plastic materials. These materials are prone to melting when exposing to high temperatures.

The oven produces a lot of heat and this implies that they can burn out the led bulb. If you have the smell of melting plastic and the fumes then you can try out.

But you won’t manage to see the light of led bulb in the oven for long. It will be short-lived before the oven picks up the cooking temperature.

The good news is that there are high-quality led bulb meant for such type of condition but they are quite expensive to acquire.

Keep in mind led bulb tend to age faster when exposed to heat. The heat from the oven will make the junction between the two silicon materials in the bulb to migrate and get blur.

This is an indication the led bulb is about to die. It is the reason why you cannot put a led bulb in the oven regardless of the quality.

How Long Will LED Bulbs Last In the Oven?

An oven plays a huge role in kitchen and makes things like cooking and baking easier. This is a clear indication that they produce a lot of heat when on low or high heat settings.

LED bulbs are made of plastic materials. Putting an LED bulb in the oven is not a good idea. The bulb will last for a short period before blowing out.

This will happen before the oven is heated. The plastic material will melt and even produce smelly fumes out of the oven once it is heated.

Generally, bulbs tend to age faster when exposed to heat. LED bulb has the reputation of blowing out faster when exposed to extreme heat temperatures.

The heat from the oven makes the two silicon material to migrate and get burnt. If you want the LED bulb to last for long them put it outside the oven.

It will shin the light through the tiny port into the oven. This will help you monitor the cooking process of your appliance.

Besides that, fumes produced by burning plastic of the LED bulb could reduce the efficiency of your oven. Also, it will make the cooking food to have plastic smell-like and this could upset your stomach.

Is It Dangerous to Use LED Bulb In the Oven?

Never use a LED lamp in the oven. The LED bulbs have a cold and they tend to last longer under such condition. The oven generates heat once it is switched on and the heat will reduce the lifespan of the bulb instantly.

Putting the bulb in the oven when cooking will make it shatter. This is due to the excess heat produced by the oven. The shattering will sound like an explosion and this can be a scary scenario.

The smelly fumes produced by the melting plastic part of the bulb can also cause a health problem. The fumes tend to irritate the eyes and even cause stomach upset to some people.

If you are thinking of lighting up your oven then LED bulbs are not a great option to consider. I recommend the use of incandescent lamps which consume less energy and can withstand oven heat.

Conclusion on led oven bulb

The LED bulbs tend to be the brightest. But they cannot be used in the oven when cooking since they will blow out. Besides that, the heat from the oven will melt down the plastic part of the bulb.

Also, the fumes from the blown-out bulb tend to contain certain chemicals that can poison your oven. This implies that eating food from the oven will be unsafe due to health hazards.

I recommend consulting kitchen appliance repair experts on which bulb to install in the oven. This will help you make an informed decision rather than spending your hard earn cash on bulbs that will have a short lifespan in the oven.

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