Is Your Food Safe to Eat? Reddit Users Share Their Food Safety Concerns

Join the discussion on food safety as Reddit users share their latest food dilemmas.

Reddit users in the cooking community recently shared their food safety concerns and questions. From questionable salmon packaging to fermented bean curd with white bubbles, users sought advice and reassurance.


  • Users express concerns over food safety with various scenarios.
  • Questions range from storing meats to cooking techniques.
  • Community members seek advice on whether to consume potentially risky foods.

Questionable Salmon Packaging

One user received torn salmon packaging and sought advice on whether it was safe to consume. They were unsure if cooking would eliminate any potential risks.

Concerns About Preserved Sausage

Another user questioned the safety of consuming Chinese preserved sausage past its best before date and the proper storage method for homemade vacuum-packed sausage.

Forgotten Pork Tongue Stock

A user asked if it was okay to consume pork tongue stock that was left out of the fridge overnight after boiling. They were concerned about potential food safety issues.

Birria Sauce Safety

One user inquired about the safety of consuming six whole cloves in their birria sauce, highlighting the importance of understanding food ingredients.