Is the Dumpling Folding Device Worth It? Users Share Mixed Reviews

Reddit users debate the effectiveness of a dumpling folding device, with some swearing by it and others warning to stay away.

Reddit users discuss a dumpling folding device and its effectiveness.


  • Users warn that the device doesn’t work well based on TikTok clips
  • Some recommend sticking to manual methods
  • A few users share positive experiences with the device

Users Skeptical

Many users express skepticism about the dumpling folding device, citing TikTok clips that show it doesn’t work as advertised. Some warn others to avoid purchasing it based on these reviews

Stick to Manual Methods

Several users recommend using a manual dumpling folding technique instead of relying on this device. They believe traditional methods offer better results

Positive Experiences

Despite the negative reviews, a few users share positive experiences with the device, claiming it worked well for them and helped streamline the dumpling-making process