Is it Safe to Eat Food Left Unrefrigerated for 20 Hours?

Discover if it’s safe to eat food left unrefrigerated for 20 hours based on Reddit users’ opinions.

Reddit user DEE-BAWL faced a common dilemma: Can you eat food left unrefrigerated for 20 hours?


  • Food items with vinegar as an ingredient are likely safe
  • Refrigerating products with vinegar is debatable
  • Some users prefer room temperature condiments

Users’ Opinions

Reddit user blazing_prime reassures DEE-BAWL that unrefrigerated sauce is safe based on store practices

Sonofpenelope advises refrigerating after opening

Lintyuk points out that vinegar acts as a preservative

Dlgirl81 mentions that vinegar in the sauce serves as a preservative

RD_Life_Enthusiast shares unconventional refrigeration habits

ThePrideOfKrakow simply states that the food should be fine

mareno999 questions if the food was opened

Left_Average7260 shares a personal experience with ranch dressing and mustard

Ok-Friendship-4373 insists hot sauce should never be refrigerated