Is it Fish or Fried Chicken? The Great Debate Unraveled

Is it fish or fried chicken? Dive into the craze of this dish and the heated debate among food enthusiasts.

When it comes to fish and chips, opinions are as divided as a quarrel at a family reunion. But let’s dive in and uncover the juicy details behind this epic food debate that has sparked the interest of many online users.


  • Is it fish or fried chicken?
  • Unique batter sparks curiosity.
  • Debate over authenticity.
  • Diverse reactions to the dish.

Dive into the Craze

At first glance, the image of fish and chips shared on Reddit by user ‘becauseorlando’ has left many scratching their heads. Reddit user ‘grubernack276’ even commented, “That looks more like fried chicken. Like the chips with skin 👌🏾.” The unique batter on the fish has piqued the interest of many, including user ‘parochialtraveler’ who remarked, “I’ve never seen batter like that for fish.” The mysterious aura surrounding the dish has led to queries like ‘forbdsmadvice’ asking, “Did you get an inside shot?”

Heated Debates

The debate over whether the dish resembles fish or fried chicken intensifies as user ‘R3d_qu33n18’ humorously points out, “that fish is masquerading as fried chicken lol …. looks good as hell tho!” However, not all reactions are positive, as seen in the comment by ‘crispface1024’ who bluntly advised, “Send it back.”

Authentic or Not?

The absence of mushy peas in the image led user ‘MoonDaddy’ to question the dish’s authenticity, stating, “No mushy peas; ergo: you are not in England. (My guess).” This debate has triggered various reactions, from curiosity to skepticism, with user ‘aangelwiings’ expressing confusion over downvotes, adding, “I’m unsure why people are being down voted for saying it looks delicious. It genuinely does! I would eat that up in a heartbeat😩.”

Approaching the dish from a different angle, user ‘tedsmitts’ drew attention to the multitude of sauces accompanying the meal, jokingly noting, “The meal looks great but IJBOL at the number of sauces. Tartar, malt vinegar, ketchup, A1?”

The Verdict

Ultimately, the image of fish and chips has sparked a frenzy of diverse opinions, ranging from culinary admiration to playful banter. Whether it’s fish or fried chicken, one thing is certain: this dish has cooked up quite the discussion among food enthusiasts. So, the next time you encounter a culinary conundrum, remember to savor the flavors and relish in the debate it stirs up among fellow foodies.