Is Homemade Stock Worth the Effort? The Ultimate Guide

Discover whether homemade stock is worth the time and effort or just a kitchen myth.

Discover if homemade stock truly makes a difference when cooking beyond just soups and stews.


  • Homemade stock may not be essential for complex dishes like Jambalaya.
  • Better Than Bouillon offers a shortcut for quality stock with less effort.
  • Rice-based dishes like Jambalaya absorb stock flavor, impacting taste.
  • The source of store-bought stock may surprise you with its processed nature.

Fantastic_Passage347’s Insight

Homemade stock is crucial for broth-heavy dishes like pho, but its impact on complex recipes like Jambalaya might be minimal due to the dish’s diverse flavors.

TheCountess_419’s Tip

Homemade stock can be a money-saving, easy endeavor by utilizing kitchen scraps and a crockpot for a flavorful result.

mjzim9022’s Take

While homemade stock offers superior taste and texture, Better Than Bouillon serves as a convenient alternative with remarkable results.

LalalaSherpa’s Perspective

For dishes like Jambalaya, store-bought stock or Better Than Bouillon can closely mimic the flavor of homemade stock due to the dish’s bold flavors.

There are several benefits to making your stock, including tailoring flavors to your preference and avoiding processed additives found in store-bought varieties.