Is Cooking 5-6 Nights a Week Really That Weird?

Is cooking almost every night a sign of being weird? One Reddit user finds out.

A Reddit user shared their experience of being called a weirdo for cooking frequently, sparking a discussion on cooking habits and societal perceptions. The user, kiltguyjae, questioned the normalcy of their cooking routine, seeking validation from the community. Comments varied from reassurance to sharing similar experiences, highlighting the diversity in cooking practices and attitudes towards the culinary art.


  • Receiving criticism for cooking habits
  • Validation and support from the community
  • Diverse perspectives on cooking frequency

Reassurance and Support

A Reddit user empathized with kiltguyjae, emphasizing the importance of enjoying cooking as a way to unwind after a long day. The comment underlined the personal nature of hobbies and the need to prioritize self-satisfaction over external judgments.

Perspectives on Cooking

One commenter highlighted the cultural differences in cooking habits, noting a shift towards convenience in modern lifestyles. They praised kiltguyjae’s dedication to cooking and urged them to embrace their passion without comparisons to others.

Diverse Cooking Practices

Various users shared their own cooking routines, revealing a spectrum of approaches from daily homemade meals to occasional takeout. The discussions showcased the uniqueness of each individual’s relationship with food and cooking, challenging conventional perceptions of normalcy.

The Reddit post and ensuing comments shed light on the subjective nature of cooking habits and the importance of finding joy in culinary pursuits without conforming to societal expectations. While some may view frequent cooking as unusual, the community’s diverse responses highlighted the value of individual preferences and personal satisfaction in the kitchen.