How to Start Enjoying Fish: Tips and Tricks for Fish Haters

Learn how to overcome your aversion to fish and discover enjoyable ways to incorporate it into your diet.

Are you a self-proclaimed fish hater looking to change your ways? Here are some tips to help you get started on your fish-eating journey!


  • Explore mild white fish with flavorful sauces for a more appealing taste.
  • Freshness is key when it comes to fish; opt for fish from local fishmongers or farmers markets.
  • Start with familiar dishes like fish sticks to ease into trying different types of fish.

Overcoming the Fear of Fish

For those intimidated by the idea of eating fish, starting with mild white fish like grilled tilapia paired with a flavorful sauce can help mask the fishy taste and make it more enjoyable.

Seeking Freshness for Better Flavor

Finding the freshest fish possible can significantly impact your experience. Avoid buying fish from grocery stores and instead opt for fish from local fishmongers who offer fresh catches.

Dive into Familiar Dishes

If you’re hesitant to dive straight into trying unfamiliar fish dishes, starting with simple options like fish sticks can provide a gateway to exploring a wider variety of fish in the future.