How to Recreate Pixelated Hotel Eggs at Home

Discover the secrets to making those unique pixelated eggs found in hotel buffets and chafing dishes.

Ever wondered how to make those pixelated hotel eggs at home? Dive into the secret behind these square-edged delicacies!


  • Learn how to replicate the distinctive square edge of hotel eggs with simple techniques.
  • Explore various methods such as steaming, baking, and using liquid egg mixes.
  • Discover the appeal of pixel eggs and why they hold a special place in many people’s hearts.
  • Uncover the mystery behind the popularity of these hotel-style eggs despite their unique texture.


Cooked liquid eggs from a carton in a skillet and add to a square pan. Place said pan over boiling water for an hour or two until fully overcooked and solidified into one mass, and you should be where you want. Not really sure why anyone would want this.


Powdered eggs, my dear.


Steam 4 cartons for 8.5 mins, then another 2-3 mins. Mash/mix with a potato masher.


Fill a 1/3 pan with liquid egg. Oven bake until done. Bake a few minutes more. Cut into squares?

It’s a scrambled egg mix that comes in a gallon bag or 2.5-gallon bag. You boil it in a big pot of water, right in the bag, then pour it into a hotel pan and stir a bit.


I sometimes make steamed egg curry. Break some eggs in a bowl, put salt, chili or anything else to your taste, mix everything thoroughly. Put the bowl in a utensil with boiling water on heat, cover the utensil, and after a while, the egg mix will solidify.


Augason scrambled egg mix can is what I came up with on the net.