How to Make Your Chicken Bone Broth Gel Like Jello!

Discover the secrets to getting your chicken bone broth to achieve a jelly like consistency!

Are you struggling to get your chicken bone broth to that perfect jiggly consistency? Look no further for tips and tricks!


  • Using the right bones and not overcooking are crucial for a jellied texture.
  • Proper bones-to-water ratio and collagen extraction are key factors.
  • Adding chicken feet or extra wings can enhance gelatin levels.

Why Consistency Matters

When it comes to achieving that coveted gelatinous texture in your chicken bone broth, users on Reddit share a mix of advice and critiques. Some suggest the importance of bone selection, while others emphasize the need for optimization in the cooking process

The Role of Collagen

One user points out the significance of the collagen content in the bones for creating a rich gel(source).

Cooking Technique

Another user highlights the impact of overcooking and the proper use of pressure cookers for broth preparation(source).

Each piece of advice contributes to the overall goal of achieving the perfect jellied result that every culinary enthusiast strives for.