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How to Make Japanese Iced Coffee(Explained!)

Iced coffee has been all the rage in recent years, and for good reason. It is exquisite! I bet a lot of you haven’t tried Japanese iced coffee yet.

The biggest drawback of iced coffee is the brewing procedure. Cold brewing methods are time-consuming and simply cannot extract each and every complex flavor that can be found in coffee beans.

This is where Japanese iced coffee comes in. With this procedure, you can enjoy iced coffee that is packed with flavor and is just a cut above all other cold brewing methods.

What is Japanese iced coffee?

The Japanese iced coffee refers to a method of preparing beer that won first importance in the Japanese country. Half of the water used throughout the brewing process is ice instead of hot water.

This procedure is prepared using a manual filter coffee machine or other pouring methods and is customary to do with a double-strength batch of coffee. The result is a stronger and more flavorful cold coffee treat that is perfect as a drink on a hot summer afternoon.

What You Will Need

Before we begin, we need to make sure we have everything we need for this surprisingly simple and exquisite brewing procedure. Now, the tools and ingredients you will need:

  • Ice cubes
  • Manual filter coffee maker
  • Freshly ground coffee
  • Hot water

As you can see, not much equipment or ingredients are required to make this type of coffee, but we advise you to use the type of coffee machine that is convenient for the job, as it is the only way to faithfully reproduce this style of iced coffee.

How Do I Make Japanese Iced Coffee?

Are you ready to start making your cup of Japanese iced coffee? I hope so. Let’s get started. For the purpose of this tutorial, we are going to make a regular cup of Japanese iced coffee.

Step 1: Measure The Ice

To start, add your ice cream to the coffee machine. For best results, be sure to use a kitchen scale. For a cup of Japanese iced coffee, add two hundred grams of ice to the coffee machine, which should be half of its final volume.

Step 2: Grind The Coffee

Grind the coffee of your choice and measure about thirty grams of coffee for each finished cup of coffee. For best results, try to use a medium-coarse grain. If you don’t have a scale handy, each tablespoon equals about five grams of coffee.

Step 3: Boil The Water

Boil the water on the stove until it reaches a temperature between 90 ° and 96 °. When it reaches this temperature, immediately remove it from the heat.

Step 4: Prepare The Coffee

Pour hot water over the coffee grounds. We prepare a glass of four hundred ml and we already have two hundred grams of ice, we add two hundred ml of hot water. Throughout this process, the hot coffee is poured over the ice, melting it and releasing some great, rich flavors from the coffee.

Step 5: Pour Into The Glass And Serve

Throughout the brewing process, a large part of the ice will melt. The purpose is to melt everything, but if there is something left over, don’t worry. You’re still going to have an amazing Japanese iced coffee aroma. Just pour it into a glass and enjoy your coffee. It truly is the ideal choice for a hot summer afternoon.

The iced coffee Japanese is one of the simplest methods of making coffee ice cream and making a cold coffee that is truly unique in the process because of the unique method of preparation. The end result is an exquisite cup of iced coffee that contains virtually no ice, and the flavors and aromas it brings are truly unique and genuine.

If you are looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite coffee, we highly recommend this procedure. So give it a try and let us know what you think of the results.

We’re sure you’ll love it, and since it’s simple, we bet you’ll start enjoying that iced coffee all summer long

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