How to Keep Your Pesto Green: Tips and Tricks from Reddit Users

Struggling with keeping your pesto green? Discover helpful tips and insights from Reddit users in this blog post!

Having trouble keeping your pesto green like the pros? Check out these tips and tricks shared by Reddit users who know their way around the kitchen.


  • Acidity and freezing can help preserve the green color of pesto.
  • Blanching the basil before processing is a common technique to maintain freshness.
  • Consider using spinach or parsley to enhance the green hue of your pesto.

Insights on Acidity

One user suggested adding lemon juice or vinegar to slow down oxidation, preserving the vibrant color.

Blanching for Brightness

Another user recommended blanching the basil and shocking it to maintain the green color longer.

Spinach Blend Secret

A professional chef disclosed that many restaurants mix pesto with spinach to achieve a greener appearance.