How to Avoid Smoke While Cooking: A Culinary Dilemma

Learn how to prevent your kitchen from turning into a smoky mess while cooking simple dishes like turkey burgers.

Have you ever experienced a kitchen filled with smoke while cooking something as simple as turkey burgers? Let’s explore why this may happen and how to avoid it.


  • Choosing the right oil with a higher smoke point is essential to prevent excessive smoke.
  • Controlling the heat level is crucial to avoid burning the oil and causing smoke.
  • Consider investing in a splatter screen to manage oil splattering in the pan.

Insights on Olive Oil and Smoke Points

Users highlighted that using extra virgin olive oil with a low smoke point likely contributed to the excessive smoke in the kitchen. They recommended oils like avocado oil or canola oil with higher smoke points for cooking burgers.

Controlling Heat Levels

There was a consensus among commenters that the heat might have been too high during cooking. Maintaining a moderate temperature is crucial to prevent oil from burning and generating smoke.

Investing in Kitchen Tools

Some users suggested investing in a splatter screen to manage oil splattering and prevent excessive smoke. This tool can be beneficial when cooking foods that release moisture.

Final Thoughts

Preventing excessive smoke in the kitchen while cooking is essential for a pleasant cooking experience. By selecting the right oil, controlling heat levels, and using tools like a splatter screen, you can avoid smoke alarms and smoky rooms during meal preparation.