How Much Rice is Too Much? Reddit Users Dish on Portion Sizes

From 1 cup to 5 cups, discover how Reddit users decide the perfect amount of rice to cook.

Have you ever wondered how much rice is the right amount for your household? Reddit users weigh in on their rice portion sizes and meal prep strategies.


  • Users prepare anywhere from 1 to 5 cups of rice for themselves or their families.
  • Meal prepping, varying diet, and using specific measurements influence portion decisions.
  • The debate around rice cooker cups versus standard cups adds an extra layer of complexity to portion size discussions.
  • Some users find it challenging to estimate the right amount of rice and end up making more than needed.

Insight into Portion Sizes

Reddit user lavender skyyyyy realized they were eating too much rice solo, opting to cut down after reading others’ portions. YoungOaks prefers smaller portions but spreads them across multiple meals, allowing for better variety in their diet.

Meal Prep Debates

TheRacoonist avoids meal prepping but still manages to cook enough rice for two meals. Medium_Spare_8982 shares a specific measurement of 3/4 cup for two people, emphasizing portion control.

Complexities in Portion Decisions

Kobuta99 highlights the importance of rice cooker cup measurements and the impact on taste, showcasing a thoughtful approach to portioning. Users like imnotreallyapeach urge for clarity between different cup sizes for accurate portioning.