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How High Should a Microwave be Above the Stove? (Explained!)

What you may not realize when you decide to stick your souffle dish into an 850-watt microwave is that there is a certain height that the microwave should sit above the stove to function properly.

This height is important for getting the best performance and for safety reasons. Obviously though, if you’re like me (a guy who knows how to work a microwave), you might want to know what exactly this height should be.

Can you put a microwave above the stove?

Yes, you can. However, it’s not a good idea. The microwave oven needs a certain amount of space to function properly and if the cabinet is too small, you risk damaging the magnetron or fan.

If you do decide to install microwave above the stove, make sure it’s not too close to the hood. The reason why it’s not recommended is that steam and heat from the stovetop can cause damage to the microwave. Some kitchens are designed with a cabinet or shelf above the stove to hold a microwave. In those cases, there should be enough space for proper ventilation.

How high should a microwave be above the stove?

The standard height for a microwave above the stove is 18 inches. This works well if you’re 5 feet, 8 inches tall or taller. But if you’re shorter in stature and find that the microwave is too high, there are options to help you reach it more easily.

Microwaves are typically positioned above the range and centered between the cabinets on either side of the range. The base of a microwave should be no lower than 15 inches above the cooktop.

If this measurement is already at 15 inches, then don’t worry about lowering your microwave below this guideline.
A common rule is to have your microwave positioned so that the center of the unit is at eye level or approximately 42 inches from the floor.

However, many people find that having their microwave just above the range keeps them from having to bend down too far when reaching for hot food items and allows for easier visibility when using it for cooking purposes.
If you need to adjust your space, consider installing a built-in unit. These units can be installed at any height that works for you and your family members.

Where should the microwave be placed above the stove?

There is no hard and fast rule about where the microwave should be placed. It depends on the size of your kitchen and cabinet space. There are many people who believe that placing a microwave above the stove is not a good idea. As it emits radiation which can cause health problems like cancer etc. However, there is no proof available to support this belief.

There are some people who prefer to place a microwave above the stove as it is convenient for them. They find it easier to cook when the microwave is placed above the oven.

Placing microwaves above stoves is a very common practice in the USA and many other European countries.

Is it safe to put a microwave above the stove?

The simple answer is that it’s safe to put a microwave above the stove. The microwave will not leak any radiation into your body. Microwave radiation leaks occur only if the door of the microwave is damaged or if the seal around the door becomes loose over time.

Microwaves are designed to prevent radiation from leaking out, so you should be fine putting one above a stove. However, “fine” doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other concerns to consider.

Is the microwave above the stove outdated?

Yes. Microwaves above stoves are outdated. They are not safe because microwaves can interfere with the operation of the stove.

A microwave above a stove is also inconvenient because food has to be removed from the microwave and carried across the stove.

A microwave is best placed at eye level, where it’s easy to see what’s happening inside. It’s also safer if it doesn’t have to be moved over a heat source. That means that a countertop microwave is best placed on an open area of the countertop, as long as there’s enough headroom for venting.

Best places to put a microwave

For great microwave placement, you’ll need to consider traffic flow in your kitchen, electrical outlets, existing cabinetry, and possibly even a special ventilation system. Here are seven of the most common places to put a microwave.

  • Over the range.
  • On a shelf.
  •  Inside a wall cabinet.
  • Inside an island (with a hood).
  • On a countertop.
  •  Below an island or peninsula countertop.
  • Built into the cabinetry (no cabinet door).

Final Thoughts

In my humble opinion, the best place to put a microwave is somewhere it can be easily used without obstructing the kitchen traffic flow. That could be hidden in a cabinet or cabinet-like structure. However, many people like to have their microwave on a countertop.

If this works for you, then go for it! Just remember to leave enough space around it for ease of movement around the rest of your kitchen and don’t put it in a place where you are tripping over cords every time you open the door.



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