Homemade Butter Troubles: Tips and Tricks to Get it Right!

Struggling to make homemade butter from heavy cream? Learn from these Reddit tips!

Trying to make homemade butter with heavy whipping cream but struggling? You’re not alone! Check out these Reddit tips for success.


  • Using cream without certain additives might help.
  • Persistence and patience are key – it might take longer than expected.
  • Ice cubes can aid in the separation process.
  • Consider the temperature and quality of your cream.

Ditching the Additives

One redditor recommended using cream without polysorbate 80, suggesting it might lead to better results. This tip shows how small changes can impact your butter’s outcome.

Patience Pays Off

Another user highlighted the importance of being patient. They shared that the process might take longer than anticipated but sticking with it is crucial for success. The visual imagery of buttermilk splashing everywhere added a humorous touch to the advice.

Ice, Ice, Butter

One helpful suggestion involved using ice cubes to solidify the butter for easier separation. This practical tip offers a simple solution to a common butter-making hurdle.

Cream Conundrum

A redditor raised the question of using old cream and its potential impact on butter-making. They advised trying cold cream, shedding light on the importance of cream quality and temperature in the process.

“Is your cream old? I sometimes have issues with old cream. Don’t have a fix though, sorry. Try cold.”

Butter-making involves a blend of science and artistry, with nuances that can make all the difference in the final product. From the choice of cream to the mixing technique, each step contributes to the outcome. By learning from others’ experiences and experimenting with various methods, you can navigate through the challenges of home butter-making. So, roll up your sleeves, grab that heavy cream, and get churning – your perfect batch of homemade butter awaits!