Grilled Cheese Debate: Mayo vs. Butter

Discover the heated debate on using mayo instead of butter to grill your cheese sandwiches.

Join the debate on whether mayo or butter is the superior choice for grilling a perfect cheese sandwich. Members share their strong opinions and unique mayo hacks.


  • Mayo vs. butter: The ultimate grilled cheese showdown.
  • Users debate the evenness of searing and taste between mayo and butter.
  • Discover unique cooking hacks using mayo for chicken and sauces.

Mayo Enthusiasts

While some swear by mayo for its even sear on grilled cheese, others argue that butter is the superior choice due to taste preference. The debate rages on with users sharing their experiences and preferences.

Mayo Cooking Hacks

Explore creative cooking hacks using mayo, from perfecting grilled chicken to crafting delicious garlic sauce. Users provide step-by-step instructions and seasoning recommendations for a mayo-infused culinary experience.

User Insights

From those who mix mayo with butter for the best of both worlds to individuals who prefer mayo solely on the inside of their grilled cheese, personal preferences shine through in this heated discussion. Whether you’re a mayo enthusiast or a butter loyalist, there’s always room for culinary experimentation!