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Granite Cookware Vs Ceramic Cookware

If you are having trouble with traditional cookware due to stickiness and rust then you need to think about granite and ceramic cookware.

These products are non-sticky and amazing in terms of appearance. However, they tend to be somehow different in one or another.

By the way, which one is better in terms of performance, durability, and non-toxicity? Well, the product comparison will help you make an informed decision when shopping for them.

All in all, granite cookware and ceramic cookware are almost the same in terms of performance, durability, and safety although they are made of different materials.

The core difference between granite and ceramic cookware is that granite cookware tends to retain heat for long and it has an amazing outlook when compared to ceramic cookware.

Let’s find out more about the differences between the products from the guide and have a deeper understanding.

Granite Cookware Overview

Granite cookware is enamelware which consists of carbon steel core coated with porcelain enamel. The coating is inert and tends to be free from toxic substances.

The most beautiful thing is that the enamelware is not made from granite despite being named after it. The similarity between carbon and granite happens to be the reason behind the name.

However, it is safe for cooking and storage of any type of food regardless of acidity level. The coating does not change the taste and color of food whosoever.


  • The inner carbon steel core help to distribute heat evenly.
  • Tend to have a low cooking time due to the dark porcelain surface which absorbs heat faster.
  • Graniteware products are lightweight and easy to handle
  • Can be used to cook any food in the oven without messing
  • The smooth coating layer makes it easier for cleaning
  • The slow cooking makes the food tender and delicious
  • The products are sold at an affordable and reasonable price


  • Not ideal for glass surface stoves since it can break them
  • Modern graniteware is thin hence cannot hold heat
  • The thin layer of coating make it susceptible to chipping
  • Tend to be ordinary and unattractive

Ceramic Cookware Overview

Ceramic cookware is enamelware made from either aluminum or clay and water mixed. This cookware does not contain lead and other toxic substances that are harmful.

According to research, ceramic cookware have been made as par the FDA guidelines and this implies that they are fit for human use.

Ceramic coated cookware is made from aluminum and coated with a ceramic glaze. On the other hand, solid ceramic cookware is made from clay and water mixture then baked to harden.


  • Tend to be free from harmful elements
  • It is quite easier to clean since they are non-sticky
  • Ideal for people who want to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Tend to lighter in weight and easy to handle
  • The inert nature makes it non-reactive hence does not affect the taste of the food
  • Normally cook food faster hence saves on time
  • Occur in different designs and colors


  • Not ideal for high heating settings
  • Not compatible with metal utensils
  • Highly susceptible to chipping

Difference between Granite and Ceramic Cookware


The main factor to consider before buying any cookware is the performance in terms of sticking capabilities. Good cookware is non-sticky and easy to wash due to the coating layer.

Granite Cookware

They are made from steel carbon core and coated with porcelain enamel. The coating makes the enamelware non-sticky when cooking any meal. Besides that, it tends to be quite easier to clean.

Ceramic Cookware

The cookware has a ceramic coating that making the cooking appliance great since food does not stick at the bottom. Also, the coating does not affect the taste of the food.


Both cookware is efficient when it comes to cooking since they help to save on time and energy. However, ceramic cookware is the most preferred than granite cookware since they tend to retain some heat even after switching off.


Traditional cookware does not meet the standards of the FDA and they tend to leach elements that are toxic to the meals when cooking. If you want to raise a healthy family then you need to think about granite and ceramic cookware. They are proven to meet the guidelines of the FDA.

Granite Cookware

The cookware is made from steel carbon core which is coated with porcelain enamel. The coating layer does not contain Lead, PFOA, and PTFE hence regarded healthy for cooking any meals.

Ceramic Cookware

The cookware is either made of aluminum or clay and water mixture then baked. The ceramic coating that makes the cookware non-sticky does not contain toxic chemicals. Therefore, you can cook any food without getting worried of toxicities.


Both the two cookware does not contain elements that can be toxic and harmful to human life. They are made according to the guidelines of the FDA.

However, many people prefer granite cookware over ceramic cookware since it is less susceptible to chipping. The chipping feature makes the food to change its tastes and color.


Durability is a factor to consider when shopping for cookware. Exposure to prolonged heat and dropping them tend to cause damage or even breakage. Consider cookware that can withstand a lot of heat.

Granite Cookware

The kitchen appliance tends to be durable and it can easily withstand high heat. However, they are typically meant for slow cooking under medium settings. Also, the steel carbon core makes the cookware resistant to breakage after dropping.

Ceramic Cookware

The cookware occurs in two forms and the durability of each depends on how they are handled. Solid ceramic cookware is prone to chipping and breakage when they come into contact with metal utensils. This implies that they have a short lifespan.


A lot of people want to see the value of their money when it comes to durability. Granite cookware tends to emerge the winner under this category since it does not chip when it comes into contact with metal utensils.


Many people are aesthetic and they love to get cookware that matches perfectly with kitchen décor. However, the tastes and preferences tend to vary but it is worth getting something that looks good.

Granite Cookware

The cookware tends to be dark in appearance. Dark colors are normally dull and unattractive. The black color occurs due to the presence of carbon atoms.

Ceramic Cookware

The cookware tends to be shiny and it comes in different colors to meet the different tastes as well as preferences of people. It is the reason behind their popularity.


Ceramic cookware is the winner in the category. The variety of colors creates a wide option for people to choose from, unlike granite cookware which has one color choice.

Final Verdict

From the information from the comparison guide, these two products tend to be somehow similar in terms of performance, durability, and safety.

The aesthetic feature is what makes ceramic cookware stand apart from granite cookware. It is good to use the above properties when shopping cookware for your kitchen. Also, beware of the numerous counterfeits in the market. Good luck.

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