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Can You Use Glass Bowl in Airfryer

The Air Fryer is a relatively new kitchen appliance and, more or less, uncharted territory. What we mean is that there are a lot of questions that might need to be answered and one of which is “Can we use glass bowl in an Air Fryer?”

This is definitely a question worth asking because an Air Fryer operates a little differently to your conventional oven and microwave.

You don’t want to put your precious cookware at risk. I have made that mistake a few times in my life and I understand why you would want to have this question answered.

In short, you can use your glass bowl in your Air Fryer as long as it is oven safe. There is a word of caution though that we need to throw in here. I have broken a few oven-safe glass cooking dishes a couple of times because I failed to understand the basic laws of physics.

Even though oven-safe glass bowls can withstand extreme temperatures, they can still break. This happens when there are sudden changes in temperature.

One of the times that I broke a glass bowl was when I poured cold tap water into a glass bowl soon after I took it out of the oven and hadn’t given it enough time to cool down naturally.

This caused the expanded particles in the glass to contract suddenly thereby causing it to crack. The reason we are talking about this is that temperatures in an Air Fryer can go from low to high and high to low within a very short space of time.

These fluctuations between extreme temperatures will cause fractures to form in the glass bowls. If you want to check whether or not your glassware will withstand the rigors of an Air Fryer, you could consider testing them by placing them empty in the Fryer and pushing the temperature to maximum.

This allows you to test how safe they are without the risk of contaminating your food with glass fragments. Run these tests a few times to make sure that your glass bowl is safe enough to use in an Air Fryer.

As already stated in this article, the Air Fryer is a relatively new kitchen appliance and it is still very rare to find kitchen utensils which are specifically made for an Air Fryer.

What this means is that, for the large part, you will have to test what can and cannot work in them. As far as oven-safe glass wear is concerned, it is manufactured at temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius so we should be able to withstand the heat in an Air Fryer without many problems.

I hope this article has helped to answer the question of whether or not it is safe to use a glass bowl or other glass cookware into an Air Fryer.

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