Exploring the Similarities Between American White Gravy and Bechamel Sauce

Discover the striking resemblances between American white gravy and bechamel sauce, and why opinions differ among food enthusiasts.

In a discussion on the similarities between American white gravy and bechamel sauce, the users on the subreddit r/Cooking shared contrasting views.


  • White gravy and bechamel share ingredients but are used differently in cuisines.
  • Some users argue that the perception of white gravy as vile is unjustified.
  • European reactions to American white gravy vary due to cultural differences.

Exploring the Ingredients

Users pointed out that both white gravy and bechamel are made with a roux base but differ in fat sources, leading to distinct flavors.

Cultural Perspectives

Some users highlighted the cultural biases influencing the perception of American white gravy among Europeans, leading to differing opinions on its taste.

User Experiences

Personal anecdotes shed light on conflicting feelings towards American white gravy, with comparisons to familiar European sauces.

Amid the debate, it’s evident that culinary preferences and cultural backgrounds shape individuals’ perspectives on these sauces.