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Disadvantages of Air Fryer

You are probably thinking of buying an air fryer and are looking up the disadvantages of an air fryer. In this article, I will walk look through these and help you make a better decision as far as getting an air fryer is concerned.

I would say that there are more advantages than disadvantages associated with air fryer. You have the benefit of eating healthier without compromising the fried food taste that a lot of us love.

This article is intended to give as balanced an assessment as possible so that you make the best choice.

Is Air Fryer Worth Buying?

I love my stainless steel basket air fryer and have had it for a couple of years now. It has helped me prepare many and tasty meals for my family and me.

I was drawn to it by the many health benefits associated with it because I wanted to give my family the healthiest meals possible without the kids giving me the face.

So far, it has served its purpose well and my family cannot tell the difference between food prepared in an air fryer and food made using conventional frying methods.

Having said that, there are still some disadvantages associated with the air fryer and I will now get into these.

Disadvantages of Air Fryers

1. Slight difference in taste

Well, one thing that I’ve noticed is that there is a slight difference in the taste and texture of the food when I prepare it in an air fryer. When you deep fry, you dip the food in a bath of fat.

When you air fry, you either spray or brush the fat on. Deep frying means that the fat gets to seep into the meat thereby activating some flavors which make fried food taste so good.

This does not happen when you air fry because there is only a thin layer of fat, you won’t get the same effect. I noticed this but my kids have never complained so all is well in my world.

2. The risk from Aerosol Cans

Although it’s not directly linked to air fryers, this is a concern if you use aerosol cans to spray fat onto your food. Even if there is 100% natural Olive oil in the can, there are come compound used to pressurize the contents and these can potentially be harmful to your health.

3. Longer Cooking Time

The air fryer can be classified as a mini convection oven when you consider how it operates. A convection oven cooks 25% faster than a normal oven but when it comes to frying, it is much quicker to use conventional frying methods than to air fry.

4. You Can Easily Burn

Food Air Fryers can work up to really high temperatures meaning that you need to closely monitor your food when you are preparing it. Walk out of the room for some minutes and you can come back to some charred food.

5. Relatively Small Capacity

Most standard air fryers have a relatively small capacity when it comes to cooking. This poses a problem when you have to cook for a large family or group on a regular basis. I have a small family so this has never really been an issue for me.

Conclusion on the downside of using an Air Fryer

Relatively speaking, an air fryer is a great appliance to have and when you consider the many health benefits, I would say the disadvantages of an air fryer are far outweighed by its advantages. I hope that this article has helped you make the best decision when it comes to buying an air fryer.

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