Deliciously Cute Homemade Mini Detroit Style Pizzas

Check out these adorable mini Detroit style pizzas baked to perfection!

A Reddit user impresses with homemade mini Detroit style pizzas, borrowing the wife’s mini loaf pan.


  • Mini Detroit style pizzas steal the show with their caramelized crust.
  • Redditors praise the creativity and cuteness of the idea.
  • Some users request the recipe, sparking a debate on sharing recipes in food posts.

Impressive Crust

Comments rave about the caramelized crust on the mini Detroit style pizzas, highlighting it as the best part and a smart baking choice.

Cuteness Overload

Redditors express delight over the cuteness of the mini pizzas, with some even calling them genius and adorable.

Recipe Requests

Users inquire about the recipe, especially details on the dough and baking, sparking a discussion on the importance of sharing recipes in food posts.

The homemade mini Detroit style pizzas not only impress with their appearance but also spark a debate on the value of sharing recipes in food porn posts, leading to a mix of admiration, curiosity, and a sprinkle of humor in the comments.