Delicious Meal Ideas for a 150g Piece of Salmon

Looking to stretch out a 150g piece of salmon for multiple meals? Check out these scrumptious recipe ideas!

Have a 150g piece of salmon? Here’s how you can make it a delicious meal over multiple days!


  • Stretch your salmon into multiple meals with creative recipe ideas
  • Explore options like salmon fried rice, salmon cakes, poke bowls, and more
  • Get inspiration on how to make the most of a small piece of salmon

Tasty Recipe Ideas

Have some suggestions for using the 150g salmon include incorporating it into fried rice or soup, making salmon cakes, salmon fried rice, or salmon Benedict. Others recommended making poke bowls or crispy salmon rice bowls, flaking it into a salad, or trying salmon mayo onigiri. Some even suggested making gravlax or using it in a taco, salad, casserole, or noodle soup. One user shared their experience of making a sesame salmon salad.

Diverse Suggestions

One user advised baking the salmon, eating what you want, and using the leftovers in scrambled eggs. Another suggested marinating the salmon and having poke bowls multiple times in a week. Some users recommended pan-frying the salmon with oil and black pepper, then pairing it with saffron rice and steamed green peas. Another creative idea was to make sushi bake by mixing the fish with rice and serving it with seaweed sheets and other vegetables.

Creative Cooking

Users had varying opinions on how to stretch the small piece of salmon into multiple meals, showcasing the creativity and versatility of cooking with limited ingredients. The suggestions ranged from traditional cooking methods like baking and frying to more innovative ideas like making sushi bake or using the salmon in poke bowls. This thread highlights the resourcefulness of home cooks when faced with culinary challenges.