Crispy and Mouth-Watering Hasselback Potatoes Recipe

These beautiful potatoes crisp up in the oven, satisfying every palate with a perfect crust.

Indulge in the crispy goodness of Hasselback potatoes, coated in oil and herbs, complete with marinated chicken and veggies!


  • Experience the perfect mix of textures with crispy ends and mushy middle slices
  • Some envy the flawless crust and chive topping
  • Join the potato lovers community who appreciate the simple but tasty dish
  • Appreciate the beautiful aesthetics and flavor of the Hasselback potatoes

Hot and Crispy

The Hasselback potatoes in the post seem to have won over the hearts of the Reddit community with their crispy exterior and flavorful seasoning. Users express envy towards the perfect crust and chive topping, highlighting the skill and attention to detail put into the dish.

Potato Love

A sense of appreciation for the simplicity and deliciousness of potatoes is evident in the comments. Whether it’s the aesthetic appeal or the delightful taste, the Hasselback potatoes have struck a chord with many who enjoy making and eating this classic dish.

Photogenic Spuds

From mouth-watering exclamations to compliments on photography skills, the post garners admiration for the visual appeal of the Hasselback potatoes. The dish not only pleases the taste buds but also captures the eyes with its beautiful presentation.