Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Ramen Noodles

Learn how to elevate your instant ramen noodles with these creative and delicious additions from Reddit users.

Ever wondered how to make your instant ramen more exciting? Check out these tips and ideas from Reddit users on how to elevate your ramen game.


  • Upgrade your ramen with ingredients like peanut butter, Sriracha, chili crisp, sesame oil, and more.
  • Try adding eggs, green onions, meats, veggies, and various seasonings to create a personalized bowl of ramen.
  • Experiment with unique additions like miso paste, oyster sauce, porcini powder, or even apple cubes for a surprising twist.

Tips and Tricks from Reddit Users

ECHOHOHOHO asks for suggestions on enhancing instant ramen with better sauces. Responses include adding peanut butter, Sriracha, chili crisp, sesame oil, and nuts for texture.

Delores_Herbig recommends keeping the flavor packets and adding ingredients like eggs, green onions, protein, veggies, and different seasonings for a customized bowl of ramen.

crawwll emphasizes the use of peanut butter as a unique addition to ramen, while liberalartsgay suggests oyster sauce for a rich flavor.

up2late shares a variety of ingredients to elevate ramen, including dehydrated veggies, eggs, seeds, sauces, and even cubed apples for a surprising twist.