Cream Cheese Taco Delight: A Surprising Twist on Traditional Tacos

Cream cheese on a taco? Users debate whether it’s delicious or downright weird in this hilarious reddit post.

Explore the world of unconventional taco toppings in this lively reddit discussion, where cream cheese steals the show.


  • Discover unexpected taco toppings like cream cheese.
  • Users debate the deliciousness of cream cheese on tacos.
  • Some find it weird, while others think it’s a brilliant twist.

Unexpected Pairings

Some users express skepticism about cream cheese on tacos, comparing it to crema with extra steps.

Family Traditions

One user shares a unique family tradition of using cream cheese on tacos and even cottage cheese in guacamole.

Taco Abominations

Another user hilariously calls hard shell tacos abominations, adding a fun twist to the discussion.

Cheesy Endings

As the debate unfolds, it becomes clear that cream cheese isn’t just for bagels – it can elevate tacos to a whole new level of deliciousness.