Craving Southern US Sausage Gravy – Finding Flavors in Germany

Discover how to satisfy your Southern US sausage gravy craving in Germany with these helpful tips and recipes!

Major_Boot2778 is on a mission to recreate the taste of Southern US sausage gravy while living in Germany. But with American breakfast sausage unavailable, what’s the best alternative?


  • Seeking alternatives to American breakfast sausage in Germany
  • Recipe suggestions for homemade sausage gravy
  • Recommendations for similar sausages available in German stores
  • Ideas for recreating cream chipped beef

Creative Alternatives

Major_Boot2778 is determined to recreate the flavors of Southern US sausage gravy while residing in Germany, where American breakfast sausage is a rarity. Seeking advice on suitable substitutes, the community offers various solutions, from homemade sausage recipes to store-bought alternatives like N├╝rnberger sausages or bratwurst with added seasonings. Users share tips on seasoning blends for ground pork and creative twists on traditional recipes, such as using pork sausage from a local butcher or adding bacon fat for extra flavor

DIY Sausage Seasoning

Users like northman46 and elbarto359 provide detailed recipes for homemade sausage seasoning blends, emphasizing the importance of key ingredients like sage, black pepper, and brown sugar. By mixing up their own seasonings, Major_Boot2778 and others can customize the flavor profiles to suit their preferences and recreate the authentic taste of American breakfast sausage

Exploring Local Options

Recommendations from weissbierdood and WindTreeRock suggest exploring local German sausages that closely resemble American flavors or experimenting with different meats to create a unique twist on traditional recipes. By adapting the cooking techniques and seasonings, Major_Boot2778 can adapt to the local ingredients without compromising on taste