Chicken Parm Controversy: The Great Chicken Parmesan Debate

Is this chicken parm or an imposter? Reddit users weigh in with strong opinions.

Reddit users have sparked a heated debate over a controversial Chicken Parm dish.


  • Opinions divided on whether the dish qualifies as Chicken Parmesan
  • Users criticize balsamic glaze and unconventional presentation
  • Australian user offers insight into regional variation

Is It Truly Chicken Parmesan?

Reddit users are torn over the authenticity of the Chicken Parm dish, with some outright denying its classification as Chicken Parmesan. Comments like “Sorry, not even close to Chicken Parmesan” and “This isn’t chicken Parmesan” highlight the strong sentiments against the dish

Balsamic Glaze Controversy

One user expresses distaste for balsamic glaze, stating, “Balsamic glaze on anything is gross. Chicken Parmesan is not even close.” The drizzle of balsamic appears to be a major point of contention among critics

Regional Variations

An Australian user sheds light on a similar dish called chicken parma in Australia, featuring chips (fries) and salad instead of traditional carbs. This insight into regional variations offers a new perspective