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Why Is Your Rice Crunchy? Fix it Now!

Decoding the art of perfect rice-cooking can seem intimidating, but once mastered, it opens up a world of culinary possibilities. From sushi to risotto, rice is the cornerstone for countless global dishes. Yet, sometimes, despite following the instructions, you end up with a bowl of crunchy and undercooked rice. This simple staple can be perplexing …

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Easy Steps to Fix Hard Rice

Cooking rice might seem like one of those basic culinary tasks that anyone should be able to master, yet more often than not, people find themselves struggling with either under-cooked, hard rice or a gloopy, overcooked mess. To better comprehend the artistry of perfectly cooked rice, we have to delve into the world of rice …

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How Long Does it Take to Cook Rice in a Rice Cooker

white rice

Rice is one of the best staple foods you can consume today that boasted with many incredible benefits, however, sometimes time is not always on our side,  how long it takes to prepare a certain meal, can greatly influence which foods we opt for. In this article, we are going to look at how long …

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Rice Cooker Boiling Over: Why it Happens & Fix


Why is my rice cooker boiling over? This a common question that I get from readers who have recently bought their rice cookers and are experiencing this problem. There are a few reasons why and in this article, we will go through some of them. Why Does Rice Boil Over? So, why does rice boil …

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Best Japanese Rice Cookers

rice cookers made in japan

  Rice is the primary food for many people across the world. Research shows that it is among the most consumed food grain in the world. However, cooking rice has never been an easy thing to do among many families. Cooking rice to perfection is not easy and brown rice is another ball game to …

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Rice Cooker vs Crock Pot: The Difference Explained

slow cooker vs rice cooker

In this article, I will review the rice cooker vs the crockpot. The modern kitchen really has come along way from when we were growing up. Bulky equipment has been replaced by smaller, countertop variations and in some cases, devices like the Instant Pot have merged a lot of appliances into one helping clear the …

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How to Steam Vegetables in a Rice Cooker without a Basket

steaming vegetables in a rice cooker

Veggies are healthy and it is recommended to include in the diet to foster healthy living. Many people use veggies with other foods such as rice, meat, bread and pasta among many others for dinner. Rice is the staple food among many homes across the world and it is the reason behind the invention of …

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Can Rice Cooker Be Used to Keep Food Warm?

keeping food warm in a rice cooker

Rice cooker is a modern invention and it has attracted many households across the world. The main reason behind the attraction is due to the high rate of rice consumption by many families. One thing that has amazed people is the versatility of the cooking appliance. The device not only cooks but can also be …

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Can Rice Cooker Be Used For Baking?

baking a in a rice cooker

Can I bake in a rice cooker? Or how can I make a cake using a rice cooker? Well, these are among the few frequently asked question on how to bake using a rice cooker. The truth of the matter is a rice cooker is a great kitchen appliance that not only cooks rice but …

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Can You Boil Water in a Rice Cooker?

can a rice cooker be used to boil water

One thing that many do not know is that rice cookers are quite versatile other than the name. The cooking appliance is everything that you need in your kitchen to cook better rice faster. The short answer is,  yes you can boil water in a Rice Cooker but you will need to clean the cooking …

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How Long can You Leave Rice in a Rice Cooker

leftover rice in rice cooker

Rice is one of the healthiest food sources you can consume today, due to being low on Fat and High in carbohydrates which your bodies require to be healthy and function the right way. Cooking rice in the traditional way using pots is a hassle, that is why rice cookers where introduced and well-received in …

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Can You Cook Pasta in a Rice Cooker (How to do it Right)

pasta in rice cooker

Rice cookers are new inventions in the kitchen cooking appliance that has experience growing demand across the world. The appliance is known for cooking rice. So many homes across the world cook rice and this is the reason that spearheaded the invention of the rice cooker to ease cooking experience. But the truth of the …

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