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Can You Put Water in a Deep Fryer

using water in a deep fryer

Your deep fryer is capable of making some amazing fried dishes but can you use water in a deep fryer? I will tackle that question from 2 different angles because that question can be answered in 2 separate ways. Here’s what I mean; You can technically boil water in a deep fryer without a problem …

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Can You Deep Fry Frozen Chicken: Is it Safe?

deep frying frozen chicken

Can you deep fry frozen chicken? This is a question that a lot of us out there may have. This question may arise due to our busy lifestyles where we can forget to defrost our chicken or we simply don’t have the time. It could also be a last-minute decision or request for your famous …

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Can You Deep Fry in Stainless Steel

deep fry in a pot

Is it possible to deep fry in a stainless steel? If you are anything like me you probably rely on most of your cooking through the heart and a lot of experimentation. But you may have those moments of inspiration where you feel you want to go all out and you whip out that recipe …

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Can You Deep fry in a Nonstick Pan

deep frying in a pan

The big question if you are reading this article is, can you deep fry in a non-stick pan? With the level of health consciousness and the reports we keep seeing on the news and online, you want to be sure that the cookware you are using is safe. The short answer to that question is, …

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Best Outdoor Propane Deep Fryer

deep fryer for outdoor

      In this article, I am going to review the best propane deep fryers on the market right now. Picture the perfect summer day and the whole family is gathered around for the family cookout celebrating the first few days of summer. It’s a great chance to meet and catch up with family …

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Can You Deep Fry in a Crock Pot: Slow Cooker Usage

deep frying

A crockpot is a must-have kitchen essential these days but can you deep fry in a crock pot? We will look at this in more detail in this article as we attempt to answer that question. If you are like me and lead a pretty hectic life, a crockpot is a pretty handy gadget to …

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Can You Leave Oil in a Deep Fryer: How long is Acceptable

can i leave oil in my deep fryer

You’ve deep fried your food at home or work and want to use the deep fryer the next day. Question is, can you leave oil in a deep fryer? There are some concerns you might have ranging from how the oil will react to the metal container of the deep fat fryer and how it …

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Can You Use Vegetable Oil in a Deep Fryer

deep frying in vegetable oil

Deep frying is one of the God sends of modern-day life. With all the health concerns we have though, can you use vegetable oil in a deep fat fryer? What are the pros and cons associated with doing or not doing it? In this article, we are going to look into all that. The short …

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What Happens if You Put Ice in a Deep Fryer

can you put ice in a deep fryer

So, what happens when you put ice in a deep dryer? You may be asking this question for a science project or merely to satisfy your own cooking curiosity. Whatever the case might be, this article will attempt to answer you in the best way possible. Here is the short version. When you put ice …

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