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Can you use Nutribullet as a Food Processor?

You’ve bought or are thinking of buying the Nutribullet and wondering, can you use the Nutribullet as a food processor?

The short answer to that is a Nutribullet cannot process food. This is because the Nutribullet is a blender. Of all the models of the Nutribullet there is none that can process food. There are about four models all in all.

Nutribullet vs Food Processor

Nutribullet are also known as liquidisers in British English. This name is characteristic of its main purpose which is to liquify food items. Nutribullet usually come with a pitcher and a motor. The pitcher has a revolving blade at the bottom that is powered by a propeller underneath.

Food processors on the other hand grind, cut, slice or dice food items. It is probably your best friend when you are working in the kitchen. It saves you large amounts of time and energy from doing mundane tasks with a knife or cutter.

In this article we will talk about the ways ways you use your Nutribullet.

what can a Nutribullet do

Make a smoothie

Most people are usually in a rush in the morning. That means there is not much time to make a proper breakfast. However you can make a healthy filling smoothie in less than five minutes minutes and you can drink it on the go saving you even more time.

All you need is a few fruits and/or vegetables. Load them in your Nutribullet, add a little water and blend. Make homemade


Yes you can make quick easy slushies for your kids in the comfort of your own home. Whether it is a lazy sunday afternoon, birthday party or family picnic in your garden.

Pretty easy to make too. Firstly you make a syrup by adding sugar to boiling water. Stir until it all dissolves. From there dice a fruit or fruits of your choice.

Add the syrup to the blender then add your diced fruit and blend. Afterwards strain the juice then put it in the freezer for 3 hours.

Take it out then mix up with a fork to break the ice crystals then put it in a cup. Allow it to melt a little bit more and it is ready to drink!

Protein Shake

For a quick easy protein shake you will need four ounces of milk, a scoop of your favourite whey powder, a handful of diced fruit, water and you could add spinach too. Add all these ingredients into your Nutribullet and go ahead and blend.

Fresh Salsa

What better to watch a football game without salsa and nachos? Fresh salsa is pretty easy to make. Dice two large tomatoes and one onion.

Add some garlic cloves and a tablespoon of bottled cilantro. Put everything in the Nutribullet pitcher then squeeze half a lemon juice in. Close your pitcher and attach to the motor. Be careful not to blend it too much lest it gets too runny or watery. Enjoy!


In three minutes you can make delicious pancakes for your breakfast. You will need two spoons of butter, two cups of milk, one cup of flour, olive oil and one egg.

Put everything in the pitcher and blend. When you are done put some olive oil in a pan and spread it nicely on the surface.

Place your pan on the cooker and switch it on. Once it heats up a little you can go ahead to add the mixture you blended into the pan. In a few moments it solidifies and you have a nice pancake ready to eat.

Homemade Mayonnaise

With just avocado, olive oil and vinaigrette you can make your own mayonnaise with no eggs in it. Peel one avocado and dice it.

Put it in the blender then add olive oil and vinaigrette just enough to make it semi solid but not to runny. Blend the mixture and it is ready to eat right afterwards.

Citrus Southwestern Salad Dressing

You will need one cup mayo, one cup buttermilk, one tablespoon hot sauce, chopped scallions, juice from one orange, garlic cloves, sprinkle of salt.

Blend everything together in your Nutribullet. You can refrigerate it to cool it down. Afterwards you can enjoy the dressing in your salad.

Blueberry Sorbet

With no ice cream and just fruit you can make great tasting sorbet in a few easy steps. In this case you will need frozen blueberries. Put them in your Nutribullet and blend. Serve into your dessert bowl. If you want to add extra texture you can put it in the fridge for another 30 minutes.

Conclusion on using Nutribullet as a food processor

There are many ways you can use your Nutribullet for a snack or an actual meal. You can experiment with other combinations for great tasting mouth watering treats.

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