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Can You Use An Air Fryer To Dehydrate Food? (Not what you think)



A healthy lifestyle entails eating healthy. This is the factor that has triggered many homes in the United States to consider what they eat.

Many cooking oils are considered to be cholesterol-free but this is normally not the case since many cases have been reported about diseases caused by cholesterol.

The invention of air fryer has come as a lifesaver among many families. The kitchen hero works amazingly. It requires little or no cooking oil at all.

The most wonderful thing about the device is that it can be used to cook and dehydrate several types of foods. Besides that, it is simple to operate and maintain.

The latest feature of the kitchen arsenal is the dehydrating feature. The feature helps to blow warm air over the food with the intention of dehydration and not cooking.

Well, can you use an air fryer to dehydrate food? Absolutely yes. The modern air fryers come with dehydrating settings.

Therefore, choose an air fryer that suits your needs and preferences. The role of an air fryer meant for dehydration is to remove moisture in the groceries, foods, and fruits.

This not only makes the food last longer but also ideal for those people in need of oil-free foods. An air fryer tends to look similar to a food dehydrator and it is good to note the differences.

The article has outlined some of the core differences between the two kitchens arsenals just keep reading.

Is Air Fryer Good at Dehydrating Food?

An air fryer is a multipurpose kitchen appliance and it has a great reputation in dehydrating food for the family. Besides that, it will help save some couple of dollars spent on buying a food dehydrator.

The space in the air fryer is quite huge and ideal for dehydrating food. The most wonderful thing is that they are less expensive when compared to common dehydrator.

There are plenty of air fryers in the market right now and it is advisable to purchase the one that suits your needs. we recommend not sacrifice quality over price.

The Air fryer I recommend for this  is Ninja Air Fryer that Cooks, Crisps and Dehydrates (Check current Price on Amazon).

Consider an appliance that is of high quality and can serve the purpose of dehydration perfectly. The good thing about air fryers is that they come with control settings for time and temperature.

This helps to dehydrate food according to your preferences. But that’s not all. The air fryer can be used to cook plenty of foods with or no cooking oil at all. It helps people to live a healthy lifestyle through what they eat daily.

The hot air circulation within the air fryer helps to get rid of moisture in the food and this is what makes it exceptional when compared to a common food dehydrator.

One thing that makes air fryer popular is easy to operate and maintain. You do not need any form of training to start using this kitchen arsenal device.

Why Is the Importance of Food Dehydration?

Most vegetables, fruits, and steak meat are perishable products. Many people want to cut the cost of living by preserving such types of foods after buying in bulk.

Research shows that buying groceries in large quantities tends to have discounts and this is the reason why many families are opting for ways on how to preserve them.

Sometimes back many people usually opt for refrigerators and freezers but these foods end up losing their natural flavors. The invention of air fryers featured with dehydrator property has lured so many people.

The device can cook and dehydrate food by making it lose its natural flavors. According to the study, dehydrated food usually lasts for several months without going bad regardless of being perishable.

This is the reason behind the recent popularity of the device. There are so many kitchen company appliances in the world.

Therefore, choose a brand that perfectly suits your requirements when it comes to food dehydration. However, the price tends to vary and this is one of the reasons why shopping for these products can be a daunting experience.

The key factor is to consider is quality over price. Purchasing something long-lasting and easier to operate or maintain.

How to Dehydrate Food in an Air Fryer?

First, can you use an air fryer to dehydrate food? Of course yes. But there are several things to put into consideration first.

Use the air fryer food chart to know at what temperature and time should be the food be subjected to dehydration in an air fryer.

Ensure the appliance has both a timer and temperature control settings. It is quite ideal to dehydrate food, vegetables, and fruits to a temperature as low as 200 degrees.

You will be required to slice the food prepped into thin slices so that it can be easy to dehydrate when placed inside the air fryer.

Besides that, the air fryer should have a vent that will ensure the moisture from the food will escape to the atmosphere.

This is the reason why air fryer works perfectly when compared to common ovens. It keeps the food dry and warm. That’s not all.

The adequate space inside the basket of the air fryer helps to enhance the proper circulation of hot air. Once all the foods have been dehydrated then you will be required to store them in a cool and dry place. The environment of storage should be at room temperature.

The Core Difference between Air Fryer and Food Dehydrator?

Moist or wet foods tend to encourage the growth of fungi and the thriving of bacteria. These two factors are known to promote food spoilage.

The best way to remove water in the food is either by use of air fryer or food dehydrator. It helps in the creation of dry snacks or food that can last for a longer period.

However, the two kitchen appliances tend to be quite different when it comes to their functionality. But they are quite effective in getting rid of moisture in the foods.

The key difference between an air fryer and food dehydrator is that the air fryer is suitable for cooking as well as drying out the food.

On the other hand, food dehydrator has the reputation of dehydrating groceries and food only. This is the reason why you need to consider air fryer over food dehydrator.


If you are interested in dehydrating and cooking foods then you should consider any brand of air fryers in the market.

The multipurpose kitchen arsenal will save on countertop space and reduce the cost of buying separate devices for the kitchen.

There are plenty of air fryers in the market and it is recommended to choose them wisely. Use the informational guides in our site and make a prudent decision that you won’t regret in the future.

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