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Can You Put A Microwave On A Metal Shelf?

We all have heard at some point that metal and microwaves do not get along. But, what does this mean? Should you keep all the metals away from your microwave including keeping it away from the metallic shelf?

This article will help you decide if you should place your microwave on a metal shelf or not. With details surrounding metals and microwaves, you will be able to make an informed decision.

What is the fuss behind metal and microwave?

The reason why metals do not go well with microwaves is that when you put them in a microwave the electrons in the metal repel the electrons by the microwave producing sparks.

If those sparks get to a plastic surface, they can cause a fire. The metal is even more dangerous if it’s thin like the aluminum foil.

If the aluminum foil has grease, it becomes more dangerous as the electrons are concentrated at one point. All in all, there are some metals that are safe to use. These must be recommended by the manufacturer of the microwave.

Is it wrong if I place the microwave on a metal shelf?

The microwave works through negative charges produced by magnetron. When those charges cause the production of waves that mix with the water in the food, then the food gets warm.

When those negative charges come in contact with the metal which contains negative charges, they get reflected. So, the negative charges cannot pass through the metal.

This process leads to the production of sparks. For safety purposes, the manufacturers seal the microwave to make sure no electron gets out.

This means all the electrons get sealed in the microwave and non can find its way out. So, placing it on a metal self should be safe.

But, we all know the microwave can get faulty so, if you have another option, let the metal shelf be the last place. There are many other places where you can place your microwave:

Places where you can place your microwave

At the corner on the counter

You probably don’t like the idea of placing your microwave on the counter, since it takes up your working area. But, is there a part of your counter that you probably don’t frequently use?

For most people, the corner where two walls meet is one of those places. This area is convenient since it is a bit hard to use when preparing a meal as it is far from where you stand and you need to stretch to get to the corner

This is a perfect position for your microwave as the microwave vents will be in the open and hence can breathe freely. You can also access the microwave easily without having to stretch.

Some people go as far as placing their microwave in the cabinet given there is enough room for ventilation. Although I wouldn’t recommend it.

Below the counter

How often do you use the space below your counter? If you don’t like the microwave on the counter, then below the counter is a good position.

Make sure the space is wide enough so the vents can have breathing space. You can call an expert to fix a stand for the microwave and avoid blocking the microwave’s air vents.

Make sure you lock the microwave, as below the counter is a good reach for kids as this may lead to accidents.

Get a microwave stand

If you are having doubts about the metallic stand, you can purchase a microwave stand. The stand may cost you a few coins, but at least you will be at peace. With the stand, you can choose to place it at a point that it fits best.

A countertop above your cooker

Do you have a countertop above your cooker? If you do, then this would be an excellent place to put your microwave. But, if you don’t have a top a few feet above your cooker, you can ask an expert to fix one for you.

Ensure that the vents on the microwave are aired well and have enough breathing space. Make sure the height at which the microwave is right depending on how tall you are. You don’t want to carry hot food over your head as it’s dangerous.

Conclusion on microwave on metal surface

As much as metal is not good in a microwave, it also performs important tasks. The metal that covers the microwave helps to shield any wave of electrons from getting out.

This helps to concentrate all the waves in the chamber so the microwave can work efficiently. Also by shielding it, it protects the waves from reflecting the electrons on the outside. So, for a microwave to react with the metal shelf, it will have to react with the metal surrounding it.

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