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Can You Dry Shoes in the Oven?

Are you a gym enthusiastic? You want to commence training and your cross-trainer shoes are wet? No worries. There are so many life hacks that can help to dry them out within a few minutes.

So, can you dry shoes in the oven? No. Shoes are typically bound together with glue. The oven produces a lot of heat which can make the glue to compromise the adhesive properties.

This will damage the design of your shoes. There are a lot of alternatives for drying out shoes other than using the oven. We recommend putting them outside under the sun in the afternoon.

This sounds a good idea but it will take longer to dry safely. But if you are the kind of person who likes trying out new life hacks then oven can be a great deal to try.

You can put the wet shoes in the oven but you need to be extra careful. The chances of damaging them are quite high. You can dry your wet shoes in the oven by leaving the door open and keeping the temperature between 100-120 degrees Celsius.

The whole idea is quite exhilarating but you are at the risk of destroying your favorite sneakers. You need to exercise a high level of caution by being around the oven.

Keep removing the shoes from the oven every five minutes. The idea is quite important since it will help minimize the chance of melting your sneakers.

Is It Safe to Dry Sneakers in the Oven?

hot oven

Walking in swampy areas with your sneakers can be both interesting and enjoyable. But the squishing sounds produced by the sneakers can be irritating.

Also, wet shoes create a conducive environment for thriving fungi which cause foot rot. So, is it safe to put wet sneakers in the oven? No. Sneakers have rubber soles and other made-made materials. The heat produced by the oven can make them warp easily.

Do not risk destroying your sneakers by drying them in the oven. Besides that, the vinyl label on the sneakers will be wrinkled permanently and the canvas shrinks unevenly.

The solid construction design of your sneakers will be ruin in the long run. It is the reason why we recommend drying them under the sun.

Another interesting thing is the production of smelly smoke. The lacing system of the sneakers is made out of nylon or polyesters. These materials can catch fire easily and start burning to produce smoke.

Drying wet sneakers during winter can be a daunting experience. Leaving wet shoes for long can trigger sprouting of molds. This can increase wear and tear rate.

You can use recommended alternatives like hair drier machine. Never put your feet in a sneaker with molds. The chances of getting foot athletes are quite high.

You are likely to incur an extra cost of treating the foot rot disease. Ensure your sneakers have dried properly before wearing them.

What Happens If I Dry My Shoes In the Oven on Low Heat?

Ovens are designed for cooking, baking, reheating, and warming food. Anything about drying shoes or clothing sounds like a weird idea.

One thing about the oven is that they normally produce a lot of heat regardless of the setting. Drying your shoes in the oven on low heat is not a good idea.

If the shoes are made of rubber sole then they are likely to swell and burst. The heat produced by the oven can even burn the lace and other canvas parts.

Imagine walking in a swelled sole with wrinkled canvas shoes? You can easily twist the neck of many people on the street. Unless you are preparing costumes for Halloween.

But it is not a good idea to oven your most expensive shoes in the name of drying them. The best idea is soaking the shoes with dry clean cotton clothes overnight.

The clothes will absorb the wetness. You will only expose them in the sun for a few hours and you are ready to go rather than drying them in an oven.

Conclusion on shoes in the oven

The oven is a kitchen appliance typically meant for baking, cooking and warming up food. Drying shoes in the oven sounds like not a good idea.

Most shoes are made of rubber soles bound together with canvas material. The heat from the oven makes the glue used to bind the shoes to lose its adhesive properties.

This will make the shoes to warp and lose its original design. The rubber sole will swell and burst while the lace gets burnt.

If you are thinking of drying your wet sneakers then try another method rather than using the oven. We recommend putting the pair of shoes under the sun to dry safely. However, drying under the sun can take a long time but it is worth.

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