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Can You Cook Pasta in a Rice Cooker (How to do it Right)

Rice cookers are new inventions in the kitchen cooking appliance that has experience growing demand across the world.

The appliance is known for cooking rice. So many homes across the world cook rice and this is the reason that spearheaded the invention of the rice cooker to ease cooking experience.

But the truth of the matter is that the cooking appliance can cook other meals apart from rice. The versatility is the reason behind the popularity of this new invention.

Well, can rice cooker cook pasta? Absolutely yes. Noodles tend to need boiling water and you are ready to go. The cooker not only heats water but also boil water.

The cooking device occurs in different sizes and it is upon you to choose one according to your needs and preferences.

The good news is that even small size rice cooker can cook enough pasta that can feed a large family. This is one of the things many people are not aware of it.

The cooking settings of the cooker are quite simple to operate and this is the reason why it does not come with an instructional manual for operation.

Another amazing feature of the cooking appliance is that it consumes little amount of electrical energy and this helps to save on the cost of energy bills.

Besides that, the rice cooker is easy to clean up since the interior surface is made from stainless steel which is non-sticky.

The pasta will not stick on the bottom surface when cooking. Therefore, you can cook pasta in a rice cooker and if you are a beginner then follow the cooking recipe for guidance. This will make the cooking process quite easy.

How Long Does It Take To Cook Pasta In A Rice Cooker?

Rice cooker help to reduce cooking time and cooking pasta tend to take the shortest time possible. Noodles normally take about 10 minutes to be ready when using a rice cooker.

You only need to pour some water into the cooker and heat to boil. Boiling water is known for cooking pasta effectively and efficiently.

There are so many ways on how to cook delicious pasta and this normally depends on the tastes and preferences of an individual.

You can devise your recipe and get set to apply by the use of a rice cooker. Place the noodles in the cooker and cover it with a lid for about 10 minutes.

Pasta is quite delicate to cook and overcooking can make them appear like mashed potatoes. You need to stick on the recipe and have a fabulous dinner.

However, I have highlighted ways in the next subtopic on how to cook pasta in a rice cooker for those individuals who want to learn how to cook noodles.

How to Cook Pasta in a Rice Cooker?

There are two methods on how to cook pasta. There is plain pasta and sauce pasta which require different methods of cooking.

Cooking plain pasta is quite simple especially when using a single button rice cooker.

  1. You only need to put water about two-thirds to leave space for the foam to form.
  2. Add a small amount of salt and cover the cooker with a lid then switch on the button.
  3. Allow the water to boil and add some portion of uncooked pasta. Remember the pasta will double so be very careful when adding in the cooker.
  4. Leave the pasta to cook for about 4-10 minutes depending on the type.
  5. Drain the excess water once the cooking is done according to your taste and preferences then serve the family members.

On the other hand, cooking pasta in the sauce is a little tricky but it results in the most delicious noodles ever. The good news is that any model of rice cooker can do this.

The first thing to consider is cooking the pasta and draining the excess water. Then put the cooked pasta again in the cooker and add some sauce and water.

The liquid addition in the sauce helps to prevent the stodgy and non-runny texture of the noodles. I recommend using cookbook recipes and more practice to prevent making a mistake when cooking sauce pasta.

Final Thoughts on Cooking pasta in a rice cooker

Rice cookers can cook pasta but you need to be creative to make your dish quite delicious in the long. I would prefer sauce pasta over plain pasta though it is quite tricky to prepare.

You should also note that there are different brands of rice cookers in the market with unique features. It is advisable to pick the one that meets the value of your money.

Research shows that a rice cooker with several setting options is the best since it not only cook rice but also other meals like noodles.

Use the comment section below and share your cooking pasta experience especially the sauce type. You can use the method highlighted above and let us know your opinion.

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