Can I Peel Potatoes and Leave Them in Broth Before Cooking?

Discover the best way to store peeled potatoes before making a big soup.

Elizabeth223_223 is unsure about leaving peeled potatoes in broth for a couple of hours while making a big soup. She wants to avoid them turning brown and worries about spoilage. The Reddit community offers various solutions, from using water to refrigerating the potatoes.


  • Peeled potatoes can be stored in cold water or covered in the fridge to prevent browning
  • Restaurants often prep potatoes in advance by storing them in water
  • Using broth may not be the best option as it can absorb starch from the potatoes
  • Some users suggest it’s fine if potatoes turn brown, as it won’t affect the taste


Many suggest storing peeled potatoes in cold water to prevent browning and maintain freshness. Refrigerating them is also a popular choice to ensure they stay fresh until cooking. However, some users advise against using broth, as it can affect the quality of both the broth and the potatoes. Overall, the consensus is to use water or refrigeration for storing peeled potatoes.

Community Recommendations

Users shared their personal experiences and professional insights on storing peeled potatoes. Some emphasized the importance of proper storage to avoid spoilage and maintain the potatoes’ quality. Different methods, such as using plain water or refrigeration, were recommended based on convenience and efficiency.

Practical Solutions

From storing peeled potatoes in water to refrigerating them, the Reddit community provided practical solutions to Elizabeth223_223’s dilemma. Various perspectives and experiences offered valuable insights into the best practices for storing potatoes before cooking.